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“This is an invitation for you to make a real difference, to play your part in the wave of awakening and healing that is sweeping our planet….Whether it be on a physical, emotional or behavioral level, The Journey gives you the means to bring about a REAL transformation in your life...” – Brandon Bays

These are excerpts from the homepage of “ The Journey” website. But, what is The Journey, and who is Brandon Bays?

I’ll answer the 2nd question first: Brandon Bays is an internationally acclaimed, best-selling author, speaker and mind-body healing expert who has utilized her life-altering challenges as catalysts for profound healing and change – not only for herself, but now, for anyone who cares to avail themselves of this potentially life changing work.

Brandon Bays, author and pioneer of The Journey/Journeywork

Many years ago, Brandon was working for an internationally renowned organization as director of its health and wellness division. Then the unthinkable happened: her belly mysteriously began to swell – and before long it was determined that she had a basketball sized-tumor in her uterus. This tumor, which (aside from being life threatening in and of itself) was causing significant hemorrhaging. Her doctor wanted to schedule surgery the next day. But Brandon, otherwise the picture of health and maintaining the highest standards in healthy living, nutritionally and otherwise, knew in her heart there had to be a better way. More than that, she believed that this tumor was there to teach her something, and she was going to be its student. So she asked her doctor for a month to try to tackle this naturally. The doctor thought she was suicidal and told her that no one with this condition went without surgery and lived to tell about it. But Brandon was adamant, so they struck a deal: the doctor agreed that if Brandon could stop the hemorrhaging within 3 days, she’d give her the month.

Thanks to herbal medicals given to her by a holistic practitioner, Brandon’s hemorrhaging did indeed cease within 3 days…and her healing journey began. I don’t want to give away too much, because it's all in her book, “ The Journey,” which chronicles with brutal honestly and raw candor her amazing journey (hence, the title!). What I will tell you is that in that month, the tumor practically dissolved, and by 6½ weeks after being told she might not have a month to live, she was given a clean bill of health – in fact, that she was “in better health than most women half her age.”  There was no trace of the tumor, nor any indication that it had ever been there. This was accomplished entirely without standard medical interventions (i.e. chemotherapy, surgery, or radiation).Through her transforming experience from suffering to triumph, combined with her years of training and experience in mind-body healing such as NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Journeywork was born.

Cover of the book,

Remarkably, as if the tumor and the subsequent complete and seemingly miraculous recovery weren’t enough, over the next few years Brandon experienced several other devastating, life altering challenges (see her book). Once again, she responded to these shocking, traumatic losses with the same tenacity and conviction that every challenge, whether physical, emotional, internal or “external,” is but a blessing in disguise. Journeywork continued to evolve as she made her way through these awesome challenges. Brandon pressed on, driven by the desire to develop a simple and straightforward program that would enable anyone to access the higher self she believed such challenges were custom designed to bring forth.

Ultimately, Brandon developed and continues to fine tune a process that she named The Journey, or Journeywork. It’s a step by step process, potenially very profound and even life changing. Brandon initially tested her Journey process model in 1994 with a group of 18 participants, in a friend's sitting room in Mosman, Australia. Since that time, Journeywork has been expanding worldwide and is currently being conducted in over 30 countries, recognized internationally as one of the most powerful healing processes available today. It has been used in schools, churches, hospitals, prisons, addiction centers; by health professionals and laymen alike. The book has been translated into 20 different languages. In 2007 & 2008 alone, The Journey spread their work to 12 new countries.

This process can be used by anyone who wishes to help themselves, their loved ones or clients overcome life’s obstacles, large or small; mental, emotional, or physical. The basic concepts and technique are described in great detail (including the original scripts) in Brandon's book, " The Journey.

The Journey Intensive: Real Freedom

What do people who’ve experienced The Journey Intensive have to say? One participant who attended an Intensive in Denver immediately called her friend in Detroit and told her “You have to go on an Intensive - NOW!!” One long time practitioner of the process – and many others who have experienced Journeywork and/or the Intensive, use one word to describe it: “Freedom.” One telling statement is that at the recent July Detroit Intensive, about 11 or so "trainers," all Journey Grads" (meaning they've attended  at least a Journey Intensive in the past), feel so strongly about the work and it's impact and importance it that they attended at their own expense, volunteering two long days of their time for no reason other than their great love of and appreciation for the work, and their intense desire to share it with others.

There were some other responses as well; Larry said, "It's emotionally...challenging. But it's good stuff." "It's absolutely amaaaaazing," gushed Marcia. Laura expressed, "I'll be honest: It's brutal, it's messy. It may be "simple,' but it's not easy - but it is potentially very powerful, it's very real. I do feel it's ultimately healing. But, I'm not experiencing it the way some others seem to - and I've experienced other modalities that I honestly  prefer; they're quicker, cleaner, and claim to accomplish the same goal: cleaning house and reprogramming at a cellular layer. From my experience of them, they're at least as effective, and not nearly as painful. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. Yet another participant, a trainer who's been attending Intensives for years, said, "You know, I've been doing this for years and I can't say I've every really "dropped" into that sort of euphoric, expansive place of oneness and Source energy -  Maybe I have, maybe I haven't, but you know what? It really doesn't matter. It still works. I keep coming back because it's amazing work, it's helped me so much."

The Journey has helped thousands worldwide to uncover and reconnect to the pure, peaceful, loving core that is their very essence, and their lives are forever transformed.

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