The Diet is DEAD: Why Traditional Diets Fail & How You Can Succeed

The Diet Is DEAD: Why Traditional Diets Fail & How You Can Succeed

Author Dan Reynen

Description: After nearly 150 years of ‘recorded’ dieting, American’s are fatter than ever. America’s weight problem is so serious that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) now spends nearly $800 million a year on research which has failed to produce a pill that will melt fat away or an injection to eliminate our cravings and bad habits. The good news is that Daniel Reynen, health and fitness expert and author of the newly released book The Diet is Dead, has spent more than a decade studying and testing hundreds of nutrition strategies. As president of WeBeFit Personal Training, Reynen pitted the strategies against one another while counseling thousands of clients and now concludes that dieting is actually dead. The interactive workbook-style manual goes far beyond theory and trends. Reynen presents actionable plans, data, calculations, charts and menus that can be immediately implemented, based on personal likes and body chemistry, to get the reader on their own individual road to wellness. Amazon link:

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