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Spongelle: Infuse Every Shower with Luxurious Skin Care

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Spongelle: Infuse Every Shower With Luxurious Skin Care

Spongelle...turns every shower into a stand-up bubblebath!

Description: Fragrant Spongelle is a bath treat that provides everything needed for beautiful skin from neck to toe. Infused with gentle shower gel, moisturizers, nourishing vitamins and antioxidants, sea kelp, bergamot and other healthy botanicals and anti-aging ingredients, Spongelle has a lightly massaging texture that gets blood circulating and skin tingling. Clouds of rich, whipped cream lather turn a shower into a stand up bubble bath, a brief escape that leaves the skin and the psyche refreshed and renewed. Exclusive hand-blended fragrances include Citrus Accord-Musk, Peony-Cassis, Hot Spice-Ginger, Lily of the Valley-Green Tea, and French Lavender-Meyer Lemon. Designed to last for a specific number of uses, Spongelle is available in 5-plus, 10-plus and 30-plus -wash sizes (MSRP $5, $8, $18). A special gift edition with custom-made shower dish is available in Green-Apple-Lilac Infusion or Grapefruit-Amber Infusion (30-plus uses, MSRP $36).

Spongelle...an infusion of skin cre and pampering in the shower

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Price: $7.00 to $40.00

Published on Apr 11, 2011

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