Sleek New Scale for Managing Diabetes

Sleek New Scale For Managing Diabetes

The Insight Foot Care Scale

Description: The Insight Foot Care Scale is a new sleek bathroom scale that multi-tasks. It is the perfect gadget for those either watching their waistlines or managing their diabetes. After taking a digital weight read, the user can check the bottoms of his feet with ease and accuracy on the Insight Foot Care Scale's mirrored and illuminated surface. The Insight Foot Care scale has snappy CUE Light Technology that automatically lights up as a reminder to check the bottoms of the feet. The daily foot check is a key step in managing and preventing the toll diabetes takes on the feet. The Insight Foot Care Scale is the first of its kind to make the daily foot check easy. It is available nationwide at or by calling toll-free 1-866-321-2406.

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Price: $79.99

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