SHREDZ Maximum Fat Burner

SHREDZ Maximum Fat Burner

SHREDZ Maximum Strength Fat Burner is the culmination of extensive research conducted to create the perfect formulation of ingredients to get you maximum results. Beyond Genetics Supplements created SHREDZ with one thing in mind: helping you lose weight!

Description: BENEFITS OF SHREDZ Thermogenic supplements can help you drop body fat and get lean. SHREDZ incorporates ingredients like green tea extract and and caffeine to give you clean, smooth energy. Take it in the morning to help give you the energy to get through the day or take before a workout to give you the energy you need to burn fat at a high rate! HOW IT WORKS SHREDZ can help get you maximum results by increasing your resting metabolic rate (RMR) and boost your ability to burn calories while working out and throughout your entire day. Your daily dosage includes dendrobrium, the innovative mental-focus and nervous system stimulant.

DICED, SHREDDED, RIPPED are adjectives that describe being sooo LEAN, that you have abs you can grate cheese on and arm popping out of your sleeves! Get your hands on a bottle and this is how you’ll be described from here on out…

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Price: $60.00

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