Redd Remedies Adult Sinus Support

Redd Remedies Adult Sinus Support

Adult Sinus Support Provides Natural Relief

Description: Every year, over 40 million Americans deal with stuffy noses, sinus pressure and wheezing due to allergies. While powerful drugs are available and able to mask allergy symptoms, many Americans already rely on traditional homeopathic remedies such as Vitamin C to provide relief. Vitamin C has been shown to modulate histamine release, effectively soothing the allergic reactions that cause such discomfort. While Vitamin C is a powerful fighter of allergy symptoms, it cannot provide relief by itself. Adult Sinus Support™ relies on Vitamin C as well as powerful natural soothing, anti inflammatory oil harvested from nettles and ivy leaf. When allergy symptoms hit, getting a prescription may not be worth the wait. Ideal for when Hay Fever hits, over-the-counter solutions require no waiting, and are often less expensive than prescription drugs.

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Price: $29.95 to $35.95

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