Natural Toothpaste & Mouth Rinse

Natural Toothpaste & Mouth Rinse

Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body: Make The Connection

Description: Estrella's Herbal/Essential Oil Complex Points of Interest: *Infuse the mouth with Oxygen! Therefore killing only the anaerobic bacteria, which are responsible for periodontal disease (ADA recognizes direct correlation to many health problems), gingivitis, dental caries and halitosis (bad breath). *Most mouth washes kill both anaerobic and aerobic (good) bacteria. They also dry out the mouth! *As we age our skin starts to dry out, so we need moisturizers. The same happens with our gums (also medications cause or exacerbate the situation), so the oils moisturize the gums. *Scientifically proven to reduce periodontal pockets, gingival plaque, and the best product for halitosis (which has been documented to be the number one relationship killer).

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Price: $9.99 to $19.99

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