Multi-Functional Undergarment with Internal Pouch for Specially Designed Heating Pad

Multi-Functional Undergarment With Internal Pouch For Specially Designed Heating Pad

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Description: Introducing The Greatest Invention for Women… Period. Éyaa revolutionizes current pain treatment methods for lower back and abdominal pains. By fusing a light, comfortable undergarment with an internal pouch for the removable and reusable specially designed heating pad, Éyaa provides unlimited, natural and safe heat relief..hands free! Its multi functional undergarment can be used as work out gear, lounge wear and/or shapewear. Éyaa provides natural thermo therapeutic relief with unlimited usage without batteries, plugs or medication. Éyaa Helps with.. Menstrual Cramps Lower back pains Abdominal pains Reproductive Uterine Pains (endometriosis, fibroids, cystic pains, etc) Menopausal cramps Postpartum Post plastic surgery Post hysterectomy procedure

Specially Designed Heating Pad

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Price: $39.99

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