Mira Fitness Bracelet

Fitness bracelets are becoming more and more popular and commonplace so trying to find one that is unique can be a challenge. Mira Fitness Bracelet is that unique product, it was designed for and inspired by women. By designing a smart bracelet that is versatile, durable and stylish enough to be worn whenever and wherever,

Mira is able to get a real understanding of your daily habits. We then take that data and give you informative, honest and fun messages that helps you answer the question “So what?” when it comes to understanding their activity patterns. The Mira app offers personal suggestions, boosts and feedback relevant to you and your preferences.

Mira with charger

The Mira bracelet looks more like a beautiful bracelet as opposed to a plastic looking watch that you find with most fitness bands, so you’re motivated to wear it more often and to more places. The opal is removable, so you can clip it on your shirt when you go to the gym or want to change your look.

The app shows your data in easy to understand ways, providing insights around your activity and motivational messages that inspire you to move. The Mira app, a free download with the purchase of a Mira smart bracelet, is available on the Apple® App Store and the Android™ Store on Google play. The device has an LED Display that shows your stats as well as the time of day, so you can view your stats on-the-go and also wear your Mira as a watch.

For more information visit: Mira

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