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Lumixyl Brightening System - Erasing Sun Damage Without the Use of Lasers or Needles

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Lumixyl Brightening System - Erasing Sun Damage Without The Use Of Lasers Or Needles

Lumixyl Brightening System

Description: Forget about wrinkles -- today more and more women are entering derm offices to treat hyperpigmentation. A life-long sentence on your face, hyperpigmentation, also known as age spots, sun-spots or melasma, is a daily unwanted reminder of your skins’ unevenness and dark patches. Luckily, there are products available to help erase the sun's damage and clear skin, and with novel solutions from companies like Envy Medical, the war against hyperpigmentation can be won in eight weeks. Enter The Lumixyl Brightening System. Just think, eight weeks to brighter skin! "Lumixyl helps reduce hyperpigmentation without using hydroquinone, so it is non-irritating and can be applied regularly in your own home," says Skin Care Authority and Celebrity Dermatologist, David J. Goldberg, MD (http://www.skinandlasers.com/). "It is a daily skin care system which anyone can use to achieve a healthy and youthful looking glow." Safe for all skin types, Lumixyl is an effective four-part system which will brighten and protect skin while removing sun damage, black heads and acne. Included in this easy daily skincare regimen is an anti-oxidant cleanser, the brightening crème (the real hero product), and a great glycolic exfoliating lotion, followed up with an elegant sunscreen (SPF30). All products work synergistically to give amazing looking skin, clearing away old damaged skin and promoting healthier skin with one even skin-tone. Visit www.envymedical.com to see before and after photos. Cost: System is $270 in physician offices and at www.makemeheal.com

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Price: $270.00

Published on Apr 19, 2011

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