Lip Plumper gives you painless, non-surgical full sexy lips at home – stimulates collagen

Lip Plumper Gives You Painless, Non-surgical Full Sexy Lips At Home – Stimulates Collagen

Lips before using CITYLips

Description: You can look even more glamorous while getting full, luscious lips through an easy, safe, long lasting lip plumping treatment at home. New Advanced Formula CITY Lips Collagen Lip Plumping Treatment is a non-surgical, painless, collagen building lip treatment that smoothes on like lip gloss to give women fuller lips with lasting results. Using no irritants like menthol, cayenne or peppermint to create temporary swelling, CITY Lips has a proprietary collagen peptide formula that causes cells in the lips to produce more collagen, physically increasing the size of the lips. It provides intense moisture, softening and hydrating the lip tissue to allow the lips to swell dramatically for long-term plumping effects. The plumper also reduces lip wrinkles and fine lines and comes in clear as well as seven colors. It is the only lip plumper to combine a collagen treatment with pigment color, with seven colors available. Apply it once a day like lip gloss, and you’ll see a slight plump instantly, with far plumper lips after a few days, with optimal results in 30 days. A bottle lasts 8-12 weeks and is available at

Lips 30 days after using CITYLips

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Price: $35.00

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