Karmissie Threader® Deluxe Kit

Karmissie Threader® Deluxe Kit

Karmissie Threader® Deluxe Kit

Description: Whether you’re looking to shape your brows or rid your sensitive areas of unwanted hair, Karmissie offers top of the line hair removal options. A complete system, ideal for all skin types, Karmissie introduces the Threader® Deluxe Kit, a safe, easy and all-natural hair removal system. The Threader Deluxe Kit, includes the Threader LUX, that works by lifting unwanted hairs directly from the follicle, to ensure a smooth and long-lasting removal, which will last up to four weeks. Easy-to-use and less expensive than monthly visits to the salon, the Threader LUX incorporates unique color-coded, snap-in disposable cotton threads that are wound around the arms of the Threader LUX to pull hairs from the root with the push of a button! The natural cotton fibers work to polish the skin, while gently rubbing away dead skin cells by gliding across the skin’s surface.

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Price: $125.00

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