Hero Nutritionals® Yummi Bears Gummy Vitamins

Hero Nutritionals® Yummi Bears Gummy Vitamins

Hero Nutritionals Yummi Bears® Multi Vitamin

Description: Established in 1995, Yummi Bears® is the #1 nutritionist preferred gummy vitamin and #1 selling children’s vitamin. Yummi Bears® is the first all-natural gummy vitamin and is a new children’s nutritional delivery system incorporating the great taste of gummy bears without sacrificing nutritional value. Yummi Bears®’ ten varieties are formulated to meet all the nutritional needs of a child and include the highest quality, all-natural vitamins and minerals. As an extension of the Yummi Bears® line, Yummi Bears Organics® was launched in 2009 and is offered in five varieties. Yummi Bears® and Yummi Bears Organics® are Kid Kritics Approved. Yummi Bears® vitamins are allergen, gluten and casein free and are made with all natural flavors and colors. Yummi Bears® varieties include Multi-Vitamin and Minerals, Multi-Vitamin and Minerals Vegetarian, Vitamin C, WholeFood, Echinacea, Child Bright, Fiber, Calcium + Vitamin D Vegetarian, Omega 3-6-9 Fish Free, DHA and Vitamin D3.

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