Healing Gift Baskets/Bundles (Japanese style) for Healing & Transformation

Healing Gift Baskets/Bundles (Japanese Style) For Healing & Transformation

Trust/Final Gifts Basket/Bundle

Description: These lovely Gift Baskets/Bundles are a unique gift that came out of Maria Dancing Heart's work with holistic healing modalities and people moving through transitions in their life. Some of Maria's favorite tools for relaxation and healing are included, such as: Young Living essential oils, CDs with beautiful music and guided meditations, books with simple thoughts and quotes about conscious living, spa soap bars, candles, and information sheets on how to use the products and do good self-care. Some of the Baskets offered are: 1. Love (TLC) Basket for the Caregiver 2. Joy (Care of the Soul) Basket for Anyone Moving thru a Transition 3. Hope (Letting Go) Basket for the Grieving Person 4. Trust (Final Gifts) Basket for the Family Helping to Prepare for the Final Transition -- of a person or a pet 5. Serendipity (Sampler) Basket -- Smaller basket with three items (essen. oil, mini-book, and one CD)

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Price: $44.00 to $111.00

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