Hand Blended 100% Botanical Fragrances

Hand Blended 100% Botanical Fragrances

Botanical Couture Fragrances

Description: Introducing the fabulous JoAnne Bassett, Fragrance Therapist and Custom Couture Perfumer to the stars. Why not give a gift from the heart that is unique and truly one-of-a-kind? These extravagant compositions are handcrafted from the finest, precious 100% botanical essences from around the world. Using rare oils that are not found in any other fragrances sold today, she creates a work of fine art that is a very special treasure to receive. JoAnne also offers a 100% botanical fragrance collection that will enchant and delight the senses. These unique creations are a wonderful alternative to synthetic fragrances that use harmful chemicals. These exquisite and rare essences combine healing aspects of the plants that work on all levels of the body. Her body care collections contain organic ingredients and are certified vegan. http://www.JoAnneBassett.com

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Price: $20.00 to $1,000.00

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