hairbanglez- wrist glam for hair bands

Hairbanglez- Wrist Glam For Hair Bands

hairbanglez Metal Collection

Description: The black hair elastic is a beauty staple that is commonly worn on the wrist in a jewelry-like fashion to keep it in place for a quick up-do. hairbanglez is the first-ever, patented bangle bracelet that adds chicness to a simple hair accessory. Functioning as a holder for hair elastics and doubling as a stylish bracelet, hairbanglez is a new addition to the trend of smart fashion- efficient style that serves a purpose.Each bracelet has specially designed, indented grooves to hold one thick or thin elastic hair band in place, available in plastics, metals, sporty and mini versions. While the hair elastic is secure in the grooved compartment, it is still easily accessible by hand through the rounded dips surrounding the bangle.

hairbanglez miniZ

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Price: $6.00 to $24.00

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