Go Away Gray

Go Away Gray

Stop Unwanted Gray Hair....Naturally!

Description: Go Away Gray is a NEW, All Natural Supplement that will help you: * STOP Unwanted GRAY Hair; * CHANGE the gray hair that you already have back to your natural color at the root; * PREVENT gray hair from increasing or starting to begin with; * PROMOTE thicker, healthier hair; * LOOK Years Younger! Go Away Gray was developed based on the exciting new research released in Feb, 2009. Go AWAY Gray contains the enzyme Catalase, which the absence of, can turn your hair gray. GO AWAY GRAY is specially formulated to STOP unwanted gray hair from starting. According to recent scientific studies, low levels of Catalase in your body can turn your hair gray. Hydrogen peroxide is naturally produced by the body and Catalase breaks it down. If there is a dip in Catalase levels, hydrogen peroxide cannot be broken down. This causes the hydrogen peroxide to bleach the hair from the inside out, making it gray. Go Away Gray combines Catalase with other nutrients to stop gray hair from growing and to promote thicker, healthier hair. You can reverse the signs of aging from the inside out and get your natural hair color back fast! Take Go Away Gray today and stop your hair from turning gray! 60 Capsules. $34.99 Special: BUY 2 Get 1 FREE!

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Price: $34.00

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