Geri G. Cosmetics Mixer

Geri G. Cosmetics Mixer

Geri G. Cosmetics Mixer Kit

Description: Geri’s first product “Mixer” is the ultimate multi-task makeup. It contains her signature ingredient Nanomarine-5tm, an ingredient that is exclusive to Geri G. Cosmetics. Nanomarine-5r delivers natural marine extracts that feed your skin nutrients to keep makeup fresh and hydrated, while also keeping the skin nourished and balanced which prevents makeup from breaking down. You can combine Mixer with the make up you already use – it will work as a buffer to protect your skin from harmful chemicals found in most make up products and will also help to keep your make up on all day long. You can also use Mixer to touch up your make up later in the day, it will keep your skin soft and hydrated. Most importantly, Mixer controls the ph balance of your skin all day long.

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Price: $39.00 to $49.00

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