Fitness Book everyone can use

Fitness Book Everyone Can Use

Combat Conditioning by Matt Furey

Description: “COMBAT CONDITIONING” has sold over 100,000 copies throughout the world is for anyone that wants to improve upon his or her current level of fitness and health. Whether you’re acting on your goals to get back in shape or you’re a combat athlete who wants to improve their performance, COMBAT CONDITIONING is the resource you’ve been looking for. Written by martial arts master and world renowned fitness trainer Matt Furey, COMBAT CONDITIONING provides step-by-step instruction with illustrated drawings of over 50 different exercises. Furey explains how to do each exercise correctly, and what to look for when you’re doing an exercise to feel if it’s being done properly. “When you exercise, think of training everything from the inside out,” comments Furey. He presents exercises he refers to as the Royal Court; Hindu Squats, Hindu Pushups and the back bridge. He recommends that individuals start with these three exercises for the first month and then add to this base. Following the thorough explanation of each of the exercises, Furey provides several different fitness plans that can be started at various levels of achievement. He also incorporates simple fitness regimes that can be done anywhere, you don’t have to have a fancy gym membership or luxury equipment. Furey ends the book with a list of most commonly asked questions and answers.

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