Effective Single-Step Acne Treatment: Repiderm by Bio-Scriptives

Effective Single-Step Acne Treatment: Repiderm By Bio-Scriptives

Bio-Scriptive Repiderm

Description: Repiderm is a powerful treatment for acne, pimples and other blemishes from Bio-Scriptives, makers of high quality skin care and topical pain relief products. Unlike other acne treatments that involve expensive, complicated multi-step processes, Repiderm is a single, standalone product that improves skin with a proprietary blend of 16 herbal extracts, essential oils and 4.4% benzoyl peroxide. Repiderm is effective for people with acne and dry skin. Busy adults with little time for multi-step systems will appreciate Repiderm's simplicity. Teens suffering from acne will benefit from Repiderm's potent therapy that, when applied consistently over time, can help significantly reduce breakouts.

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Price: $27.00

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