DUBS Acoustic Filters

DUBS Acoustic Filters

DUBS Acoustic Filters

Description: DUBS Acoustic Filters combine advanced acoustical physics with high-design to reduce noise while simultaneously preserving the fidelity of sound. Rather than shutting out sound completely, the DUBS act as an audio “filter” to let preferred frequencies in while minimizing the rest. This creates a personal controlled acoustic environment that’s radically different than anything else in today’s passive, protective audio landscape. When wearing the DUBS, it’s almost as if you’ve adjusted the volume knob down on the world so noises are better optimized to your comfort and safety, but still crisp enough for you to fully enjoy the clarity of live experiences like music and conversation. DUBS Acoustic Filters come in four colors and are the perfect travel accessory fitting right in your pocket or purse. The DUBS are available for $25 at Best Buy, Amazon, select SoulCycle locations in NYC/LA, and www.getdubs.com.

DUBS Acoustic Filters with case

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Price: $25.00

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