DPL(TM) Therapy System

DPL(TM) Therapy System

The DPL (TM) Therapy System - Sage/Ivory

Description: DPL™ Therapy utilizes Red and Infrared LED wavelengths and a proprietary design based on NASA research to treat aging, photodamaged skin. For just 9 minutes a day your clients can receive a smoother, younger complexion with none of the painful and expensive cosmetic surgery procedures. Skin is plumped, refreshed and replenished from deep within, using Deep Penetrating Light - DPL™ Therapy. 𐀹 Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles 𐀹 Reduces crow’s-feet 𐀹 Heals blemishes 𐀹 Improves skin tone 𐀹 Regeneration/stimulation of collagen 𐀹 Restores the skin’s natural cellular collagen activity 𐀹 Activates fibroblast cells creating collagen and elastin 𐀹 Helps sun-damaged skin 𐀹 Increases circulation, providing a healthier skin tone 𐀹 Reduces brown age spots 𐀹 Promotes nutritional elements existing within the skin 𐀹 Helps irregular pigmentation 𐀹 Lessens pore size 𐀹 Stimulates the metabolic function in skin cells 𐀹 Smooths skin texture 𐀹 Reduces skin degradation 𐀹 Reduces overall redness, flushing

The DPL (TM) Therapy System - Black/Gray

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