Bystrictin- Advanced Weight Loss Liquid Beverage

Bystrictin- Advanced Weight Loss Liquid Beverage


Description: Bystrictin Advanced Hunger Control is a liquid beverage that uses Gastric Fill Technology that helps restrict calories. Bystrictin contains a unique formula that expands in the gut that provides a feeling of fullness and acts on the brain to release cholecystokinin, the hormone that sends satiety signals to the brain. So both your brain and your body are telling you that you are full. The Bystrictin formula, which comes in two delicious flavors, can be mixed or blended with water, skim milk, soymilk or almond milk and should complement at least one balanced meal per day while you reach your goal weight. This awesome new product can now be found at GNC! Bystrictin comes in two creamy flavors: Swiss Chocolate & Vanilla Bean.

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Price: $79.95

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