Alignmed introduces first garments designed to align the joints and promote good posture by creating an anatomical change in the body.

Alignmed Introduces First Garments Designed To Align The Joints And Promote Good Posture By Creating An Anatomical Change In The Body.

The Alignmed Posture Shirt

Description: The Posture Shirt, part of Alignmed’s Evidence Based Apparel line of pants and shirts is designed to improve posture and reduce muscle fatigue, pulls and tilts kyphotic (rounded) shoulders back into a natural upright position. Modeled on the principle that the human body’s most innate desire is to balance itself, the garments interact with the body’s multiple physiologic functions. The form fitting garments use strategically placed neuro-bands with precise tensions that stimulate nerves that control muscle movement. The result is an anatomic change that trains the body to realign itself. Good posture is the key to good health. As a nonsurgical alternative for spinal and joint related problems the Evidence Based Apparel line of pants and shirts has proven to reduce or eliminate pain. Further by keeping the body in alignment, the garments prevent injuries, increase flexibility and improve sports performance. When the body is in alignment, strength and power increase directly impacting athletic performance. The NCAA approved Alignmed apparel for wear during competition per head trainer and doctors referral. NFL and MLB players have contacted us to tell us that they love our balancing apparel. The Olympic Ski team dons our tights too.

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Price: $99.00

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