Age Erasers for Women

Age Erasers For Women

Age Erasers for Women by the editors of Women's Health magazine

Description: The editors of Women’s Health have collected the latest research to create a comprehensive guide to turning back the clock. AGE ERASERS FOR WOMEN is a revolutionary 10-week “age-loss” plan that will strip away 10 years or more. This book is specifically designed with health and nutrition tips that research has proven are most effective in keeping women looking and feeling young. AGE ERASERS FOR WOMEN opens with a simple self-test to determine a reader’s true age across different areas of health. Then, the reader can customize an “age-loss” workout and diet plan. AGE ERASERS FOR WOMEN is divided into chapters that focus on the science of keeping each area of the body young. From heart to hair and brain to belly, this book allows readers to focus on the areas that matter most to them. Now you can wage the war against time and win!

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