"Me and My Chair" Workout DVD

"Me And My Chair" Workout DVD

Me and My Chair DVD Cover

Description: "Me and My Chair" is a low-impact, high intensity 30-minute workout system that helps you tone up and slim down using only a household chair as equipment. Follow Dolvett Quince as he takes you through the beginner workout - helps you learn the moves - and gives you tips to help control your breathing and maximize your workout. Packed full of helpful advice, encouragement, and even nutrition tips - you'll feel the burn as you lunge, lift and lower your way to a better body. "Me and My Chair" uses only a standard chair for equipment, making it a perfect workout solution for new moms looking to get their pre-baby body back or the business traveler stuck in a hotel room. Simply pop "Me and My Chair" into your DVD player or laptop and you'll see why this workout is different. With a Beginner and Advanced workout on the same DVD, you'll be able to see yourself improve as you move between these two calorie-burning workouts!

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Price: $24.99

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