1907water - The Original and Best Bottled Water

All bottled water is not created equal, knowing where it comes from as opposed to just being run through a fitler can mean a big difference when it comes to what you are consuming. 1907water comes from Paeroa, New Zealand, 680 feet below the surface and it gives you a natural high alkaline content.

The 1907 in the name pays homage to the year in which the original pioneers started bottling this amazing water. If you have not experienced the benefits of 1907 water, the natural alkalinity helps balance the body’s acidity levels, by mitigating the negative effects caused by stress, lack of sleep and poor diet. While not being a magic drink that will cure all of your problems, 1907water certainly will have a great impact on your body in a way that normal water could never accomplish.

As 1907water comes from such a unique source, in addition to the naturally high alkaline water, it also has a lower mineral content which gives it a particular advantage that waters without this combination cannot match: taste and softness. The high alkalinity allows 1907water to go down in a silky and smooth fashion with no aftertaste.

It is a given that the body needs water and most people do not drink enough on a daily basis. If you are looking for a simple and easy way to benefit your body and get in that needed daily water, grab a bottle of 1907water and feel the difference.

For more information visit: 1907water

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