World Concern Global Gift Guide - Ducks By The Dozen

As the holiday season approaches, finding a meaningful gift is often a challenge. Consider making a life-changing impact with a gift of food, education or health in high-risk and disaster-stricken areas such as Somalia, Kenya and Haiti.

The gift of a milk producing cow or a child's tuition can mean the difference between poverty and sustenance

Through the World Concern Global Gift Guide, give the gift of Ducks by the Dozen to provide a flock of ducks for a needy family in Bangladesh. Duck eggs are full of essential vitamins and minerals that contribute to the health of the family, as well as create a means for economic growth.

The process is simple - a specific gift can be selected by an individual to represent their loved ones; and then a descriptive card will be sent with information about the gift and its lasting impact. In an increasingly materialistic world, this is a creative tool for inspiring service-driven and caring children and young adults.

The gift of a Goat or Ducks can create life for villagers

Gifts range in price and options include sponsoring a year of education for a child, providing a goat as an economic resource for families, drilling a well to create a source of clean water, stocking a barnyard to create a source of income and nourishment, and investing in a teacher’s salary for a month, which provides a steady source of income for the teacher and the gift of education to the students.

Gifts from the gift guide support World Concern’s mission to relieve human suffering through disaster response and development programs. World Concern, a branch of CRISTA Ministries, has a presence in 24 countries and employs accomplished staff from the areas in need, allowing World Concern to provide immediate response to a high-risk area when disaster strikes. World Concern is recognized as a Four Star Charity by Charity Navigator, a third party organization that evaluates financial health and accountability of America’s largest charities, and 95 percent of donations are used directly for relief and aid.

Please let me know if I can provide you with any additional photos or information about World Concern and the Global Gift Guide.

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