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Women’s Mental Health Expert Sheds Light On Perimenopause

By Dr. Deborah R. Wagner, Ph.D.

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Women between the ages of 39-53 who are struggling with anxiety, depression, high stress, diminishing libido, depleted energy, and sleep deprivation amongst other emotional fluctuations, don't realize it probably isn't them! Perimenopause is the stage in a woman’s life preceding menopause in which hormonal changes are already at work, causing a host of emotional and psychological fluctuations. While everyone knows about the “big change” many do not know that menopause, surprisingly, is the calm after the storm.

Dr. Wagner and her new book The Fifth Decade: Is It Just My Life or Is It Perimenopause

This year approximately 60 million American women will be between the ages of thirty-nine and fifty-three and most of these women will be perimenopausal, which will not only affect them but their spouses, children, and loved ones, too. By understanding what to expect, women and their families will enter this life-changing transition with confidence and the knowledge that the impending emotional rollercoaster can be handled with proper treatments.

Developmental psychologist and women’s mental health expert Deborah R. Wagner, Ph.D. has studied perimenopause for years, working closely with women to assist them through the four psychological stages. She has created a roadmap for women and their loved ones to follow when undergoing this stage in the unavoidable menopausal transitions in her new book, The Fifth Decade, and is educating women (and their loved ones!) everywhere on how to prepare for the unexpected emotional rollercoaster that is perimenopause.

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For more information about Dr. Wagner and her new book The Fifth Decade: Is It Just My Life or Is It Perimenopause? (October 2012), visit www.DeborahWagnerPhD.com or www.TheFifthDecade.com.

The book is available for purchase on Amazon.com

Published on Oct 20, 2012

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