BEST WATER FILTER SYSTEM review - More hydrating, healthier skin and hair with smaller water molecule clusters. The science is stunning, the impact is BEAUTIFUL.


 We’re celebrating water and remembering our friend Lawrence Davis, who made quite a SPLASH in life.   As our Editor and CEO, Lawrence, was an Aquarian that loved all things water!  Here’s to his readers around the world, to your health, happiness and beauty! 

I’m a late believer.  I drank everything but water.  If I couldn’t turn it into coffee, tea or wine, I just wasn’t interested.  Blah.  Then I met three men who know water, Paul, Aly and Andy.  More on them next time.... but over time I learned the value of good water and the way it can impact our body.  It went from being a boring, nagging echo in my head of what I was supposed to do… to a ritual of desire. 

These men introduced me to more than an understanding, they gave me the means to change my life with better water in a matter of minutes.  I don't have to keep buying, hauling, treating and stocking it.  From the inside out, I'm better for it.  They make you the same offer.

Before I get to the take away point, which will be how to get better water in your home… It’s not too late to Fall-in-Love with water, so let the romance begin! 

This is Dr. Emoto’s story of how water communicates with every cell in our body and how we communicate with water!   We all play a role and with the power of the word, everything changes.  His proven water-work in the lab alone will make you want to start each day with love-touched water.   Your adventure on the Internet to learn more will be rewarding.  Look what my grandkids learned- they were stunned!


     Dr. Emoto teaches Elijah and Sasha

“Water is the mirror that has the ability to show us what we cannot see. It is a blueprint for our reality, which can change with a single, positive thought. All it takes is faith, if you’re open to it.”  Dr. Emoto


What if we could make water more hydrating?  The brain is the central control and water is the express vehicle that carries out so many functions that it just makes sense to keep hydrated with utmost high performance water. 

   What we put in our body is a choice, with one easy-to-install and affordable apparatus that requires no filter or cartridge changes- ever.  That means... never.  Just your water, through a triple vortex and ceramic ball technology can change your life.  Watch and please add Love and Gratitude always.


  Splash Saiseiko System for your home!

The CeraElite Shower heads are made with patented ceramic balls that ionize water producing benefits to skin and hair.  I spend lots of money on anti-aging products and procedures.  They are great, but WATER is nature and it hits every area of the physical body and now we know it goes beyond in it's power to affect our health and well being.

   Four models, each with unique functions, all contain Saiseiko BA and SE balls. The effect of Far Infrared Rays (FIR) break down water clusters. Smaller water clusters help moisturizing the skin more effectively. In addition, water passing through the balls is ionized.  The water flowing through our body is tasked with many roles like, waste movement, weight management, temperature control, delivery of nutrients  and cell-to-cell communication.

Aids removal of Toxins from the body-

Neutralization of chlorine while maintaining the reduction of bacteria-

Increased blood flow for better circulation-

30% reduced water consumption 

You can affect the water coming into your home, your body, your cooking, cleaning and gardening now and every day. 

There are few things we can do to have such an overall benefit than to improve our water.  Drink up!

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Emoto’s book The Hidden Messages of Water was a New York Times best seller.











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