TRIA Integrative Medical Institute in Bangkok. Perhaps the most unique treatment center in the world!


TRIA Integrative Medical Institute


Medical tourism - in which patients cross international borders for the exclusive purpose of obtaining medical services - is a rapidly growing business in Thailand.   Rising health-care costs in developed countries,  cross-border medical training and widespread air travel have spurred this industry, which has grown by more than 12% annually for the past several years. Medical Tourist in Thailand receive, world-class treatment, as well as considerable financial savings in a comfortable and serene environment. 

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This is TRIA, Integrative Medical Institute of Bangkok. TRIA is located next to Piyavate Hospital, one of the world’s largest and best hospitals.  Medical tourism


I met with Dr. Panuwat Putthacharden M. D., doctor of Internal Medicine at TRIA, and talked about this most unique institute and the concept of its treatment. Here are some excerpts from his remarks. 


We have Internal Medicine doctors, Obgyn specialists, Endocrinologists, and General Practitioners working together and that’s the conventional part. But we are a group of doctors who are also interested in alternative care, apart from the conventional and western medicine. So normally what we do a short cut to what we do here is when patients come in with their medical condition who also seek alternative treatments and also a more holistic way of approach then we do pre-crit western medicine for diabetes for their condition but at the same time they need something they feel can improve their quality of life and well being such as nutritional approach or stress reduction technique in a practical way.


Find the reason why symptoms show up.....


Western medicine treats the condition, we feel it starts with the root of the condition. It starts with the right questions, it’s not about how but why…. when patients come in it’s not like how we treat it this with medicine and what medications are in your mind as doctors, but why this patient comes with this kind of problem and how we can fix this kind of problem and the contributing factors that lead to the state of the disease at the moment.  So in a holistic approach we are looking at the whole story of the person sitting in front of us from the beginning until now.  It could be their lifestyle, their families, their work place, the environment, where they live, and how they were brought up. All these can lead to the condition that they have.


This is where we come to TRIA, which in Thai means three. It can describe how we approach the patient. We have to look at three aspects. The first one is physical well being. We have to adjust the physical alignment of the body. That is why we have a gym here, hydrotheraphy and other techniques to rebalance and bring your center back into equilibrium. 

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private massage rooms


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 The second one is biochemistry or elemental health. This is the major factor that can contribute to health.  When I’m talking about biochemistry or elemental health I’m referring to the nutritional state. Hormonal imbalance and toxin accumulation in the body, inflammation, this is my job, I’m taking care of the biochemistry alterations to try to treat them with nutritional advice, supplementation, hormone replacement or trace mineral replacement.

 The third one is the mental state of well being because this is very important from my experience in this wellness business for about 10 years. I know that the mental state is very important.  it is not about the sickness, but also how they think of their illness as well.  We have to dig deep into how they think about their body and their health as well. If we cannot change the wrong perception this can mislead to the wrong health habits and bad health consequences. So this is the meaning of TRIA or three. 

There is much more to TRIA.  You can join as a member and experience a complete spa treatment.  The facility also hold special events such as weddings, meetings and conventions.  Click on the links below to find out more.




Swedish Guest to TRIA – "I am just amazed at the wonderful experience and environment at TRIA. So serene and inviting and the spa treatments are excellent. I had a soothing massage and relaxing dip in the indoor heated pool."  







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