Travel Tips: Staying Healthy Before & During Your Holiday

Nothing ruins a family holiday quicker than illness. Boredom and heat cause their fair share of arguments, but they can’t beat the worry of looking after a poorly child when you’re not surrounded by home comforts, or within easy distance of your local GP.

It only takes one bout of sickness and, instead of making the most of the pool, you’ll end up spending your hard-earned downtime nursing an ill-tempered patient.

Sore throats, tummy aches and bad sunburn are the most frequent offenders, but have no fear – there are a few simple things you can do to lower you and your family’s susceptibility to these common holiday illnesses.


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We’ve shared three of our favourite tricks for boosting everyone’s immune systems, so you’ll all be free to enjoy a well-deserved break in the sunshine with as few health hiccups as possible.

Tip #1: Reduce stress levels before you head off

Reduce Stress

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There’s a clear link between stress and ill health. Whilst holidays themselves are a chance to escape the worries and responsibilities of daily life, the run up to going away can be full of anxiety and pressure.

Keep everyone happy and relaxed on the journey by planning it well in advance. You can cut out all the hassle of airport car parks and packed shuttle buses by using a parking service like Gatwick’s meet and greet option. Pack suitcases the night before to save any last-minute rushing about, and bring plenty of activities to keep the kids occupied during the wait for your flight.

Tip #2: Keep hydrated

We all know the health benefits of drinking water, but remember it’s even more important to stay hydrated in the humidity of aeroplanes, especially on long-haul flights, or you increase the risk of succumbing to jetlag.

You can’t take liquids through security, but carrying an empty bottle is a good idea. You can fill it up once you’re through the checks, and save money by not buying from expensive airport shops.

Tip #3: Fight the cold with natural health remedies

Natural Healthy Food

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A nasty side effect of recycled air, long journeys on cramped aeroplanes can result in colds and other common respiratory infections. According to the Telegraph’s travel writer, Soo Kim, 23 per cent of people believe cabin air made them ill.

Taking natural health remedies in the weeks before your trip is an easy way to prepare your immune system for the flight ahead. Plantago is known to ease sinus problems, whilst Echinacea increases resistance to germs. Both are readily available and suitable for kids as well as adults.

Do you have any other family-friendly tips for staying healthy whilst on holiday? Why not leave a comment and share your secrets with other families travelling this summer?

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