To drink or not to drink during pregnancy?

Numerous questions are asked all the time whether restrictions on alcohol consumption and taxes on liqueurs should be higher and stricter. From one point of view, alcohol serves as a social valve for unloading the heavy burden of everyday stress. And truly, if you take only a glass of wine or a pint of beer per day, it can even have a positive effect on your health. Alcohol as a chemical compound does clean our blood vessels and removes the fat sediments from them. 



From another point of view, alcohol develops addiction, which can lead to severe physical and mental damage and illnesses. Many people start with a glass or two per day, then increase the amount of alcohol intake, since it makes them feel better and they have an illusion that the world around them and they themselves are brighter and better. When some serious problems occur in life, people consume even larger amounts of alcohol, since it helps them forget about everything, but that is very hazardous to their health.

When it comes to alcohol and pregnancy, opinions have always been different on that issue. One thing is for sure - getting wasted during pregnancy is forbidden. If you get seriously drunk during pregnancy, you do not only put your baby’s life at risk by the alcohol intake, but you also reduce your general physical awareness and reflexes. It is clear that you should never drink much during pregnancy.

Moderate drinking is allowed, but only to a certain degree. When you find out that you are expecting a baby, the most important thing is that you do not drink at all during the first twelve months. During that first three-month time, the fetus is still extremely sensitive and even smaller amounts of alcohol can ruin baby’s health or even lead to a miscarriage. If there is an occasion where it is not possible to avoid drinking, then just take a small sip of some lighter alcohol drink, such as wine or beer. Do not fall into the I-can-bear-it trap, because you still do not know your baby and your body in this new condition.

When your pregnancy has reached its ripe months, you should also be very careful with alcohol, because although the baby might be already more developed and stronger, it is still fed through the umbilical cord and placenta. If you drink a larger amount of alcohol, it will reach the baby’s body and get into its organs. Of course, a glass of wine per week is absolutely allowed, but anything beyond that can lead to severe damage.

If you have been drinking regularly and now the pregnancy forces you to change that, you should focus on something else. Calling friends for a board game night is a good way of having fun without having a feeling that you need to drink. Taking up a new hobby during the pregnancy is also recommendable to start thinking in a new way. Also, fathers should also join and show some compassion. Instead of getting wasted with friends on a Friday night, fathers could make a meal at home or take their pregnant wives out for dinner. That would increase their self-confidence. Once wives are hooked on love and care, they will not need alcohol.


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