Tips for Living a Normal Life with Incontinence

The article has some tips on how people living with urinary incontinence can cope with daily problems including some pieces of advice on how to travel with incontinence, take care of your skin, maintain healthy hygiene, as well as sexual and emotional well-being.

Sex and urinary incontinence: enjoy good sex, despite incontinence

The anxiety concerning some awkward leakage during sex can mean that you will want to avoid sexual intimacy with the opposite sex, which in turn further complicates the relationship and reduces your self-esteem and self-confidence. However, there is no reason why anyone with a weak urinary bladder should give up normal intimate relationships especially because today, there is some special continence supplies that can help you manage incontinence.

If you empty your bladder along with your intestines and not drink too much water before sex, urinary incontinence during sex is probably not going to be a problem. Sex involves an exchange of all kinds of bodily fluids, therefore a small leak will not cause problems and probably your partner will not even notice it.

In addition, proper bedding can give you peace of mind, as it will protect your bed against unwanted liquids. There are many options available on the market today for protective tissues that absorb moisture and remain dry, which can help if you have urinary incontinence.

How to take care of your skin

Constant dampness can make your skin irritated, but you can avoid it by following some simple rules that we present below.

You should treat the skin with a cotton cloth or disposable cloth (a flannel and a sponge can be too harsh). Use products that are designed for cleaning skin but not drying it. Do not use soap and baby wet wipes, as they make the skin dry. Baby wipes often contain spirit, which can irritate the skin. Having cleaned everything, you should always moisturize the skin and use a protective cream. This forms a protective layer that blocks unwanted moisture.

Travelingwith urinary incontinence

People with urinary incontinence may want to use the restroom in places where there is no public restroom around. In this case, you might want to ask the doctor for help, who will provide you with some confirmation that you simply cannot hold it. You can show this certificate to employees of shops or institutions when you have to ask to use the restroom without waiting in theline or you can use this certificate when you want to use a restroom not intended for public use. Such a confirmation does not guarantee you access to the facilities as every organization has different rules for the health and safety of its employees, but proves that you have a genuine health condition that requires urgent use of a restroom. Most people, of course, will help you.

That wraps it up! We hope you find this article useful and you will now be able to cope with the incontinence issue better. Moreover, we recommend you check out some Med RX products to further help you in this matter.

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