Tip for Using Natural Remedies - Keep the Sniffles Away

With the winter weather in full swing, runny noses and cold germs are sure to make their appearance. Dr. Mommy has a few tips to boost your immune system and breathe easier through the chillier months.


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Common House Plants to the Rescue: Did you know that Peace Lily and the Areca Palm are just two common houseplants that are proven to help reduce allergy symptoms? The Areca Palm keeps the home moist when the air is dry and the Peace Lily is a great natural air purifier, removing ammonia, formaldehyde and more from the air.

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Breathing Easy: Sniffles can be due to germs in the air that attach to hair, clothing, and pets. Keeping the home ventilated and using an air purifier proven to rid your home of irritants that float in the air and kill bacteria, will reduce allergy symptoms and the chances of your family spreading germs. Some purifiers mimic nature’s own cleaning process, by splitting water molecules into positively and negatively charged ions, which spread throughout the room and break down airborne pollutants, creating a refreshed environment and cleaner air!


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Eating Right: Not just a garnish, kale contains vitamin A, which helps relieve allergy symptoms, while the vitamin C and quercetin in onions act like an antihistamine, keeping symptoms at bay.


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