The Ultimate Oragnic Detox - For A Brand New You

The holidays are around the corner and while it’s a season filled with delectable desserts and scrumptious home cooked meals, it also brings unwelcomed weight gain. Resist the urge to crash diet before the New Year and opt for a healthy organic juice cleanse that will not only revitalize your energy but also naturally cleanse your system in an effective way.

While lots of juice companies promise amazing results, many fall short…leaving customers unsatisfied and starving. Recently, I had the opportunity to try the Chef V “Ultimate Organic Detox” and the results were incredible! I never felt hungry while detoxing. The juice, soups, shakes and teas were delicious and most importantly…I felt great!

Designed by Chef V and approved by Licensed Nutritional Therapist Toni Fairman, the Organic Cleanses is made for on-the-go individuals who want to feel energized and healthy, while kick starting their body’s digestive system for weight loss and healthy eating habits. Chef V provides the East & West Coast with the tastiest, most convenient way to get fresh, raw, Organic Green Drinks and Cleanses delivered straight to their front door. Using locally sourced, organic ingredients, her Green Drinks and Cleanses are all made fresh in a local kitchen with seven supergreens, ensuring homemade quality without the shopping, work or mess of juicing/blending at home.

So why choose Chef V over the other juice companies, well it’s quite simple…her process is the best! It’s raw and unpasteurized. When juice is pasteurized, it is heated to a high temperature for a short period of time. Pasteurization destroys unwanted microorganisms, but also destroys those lovely, raw vitamins, minerals and enzymes. All gone. After the pasteurization process, the brightly packaged juices, the ones that can sit for an eternity on the shelves of every market, are about as rich in nutrients as a pack of “natural” gummy worms. In other words– you are left with sugar water with a hint of flavor. This is why Chef V never pasteurizes her green drinks and deliver them fresh, with all the fiber and nutrients you should be getting.

If you live in Los Angeles, it’s not uncommon to be a part of the juicing vs. blending debate. Well Chef V educates her consumers on why she opts for the blending process. Juicing is a process that extracts water and nutrients from produce and discards the important fibers. The blending process she uses breaks the fiber apart, which makes the fruit and vegetables easier to digest, but also helps create a slow, even release of nutrients into the blood stream and avoids blood sugar spikes. Chef V’s Organic Green Drink also only has 3 grams of sugar per 8oz. serving, compared to other “healthy” green drinks on the market that have up to 25 grams of sugar per 8oz. serving...whoa!

Overall, whether you’re looking to shed pounds from the holidays or jumpstart a healthier lifestyle, Chef V has a detox that suits your needs. Visit for more info! As a special offer for the upcoming season, use coupon code DIA to receive 55% OFF on your cleanse! You can also follow Chef V on social media for updates on her latest products - Twitter/IG: @chefvlife #chefvlife



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