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The United States has become a state of pain. We have become overmedicated and sadly we have come to accept pain.  If you are looking for an answer beyond a bottle of pills the solution might be in the hands of a chiropractor.

Dr. Ken Gee Ehrlich D.C.

The unknown scares us; it is a plain and simple truth and if you have never been to a chiropractor the thought of someone cracking your neck or adjusting your spine can be a little unsettling. But think of the alternatives that your doctor has to offer, a lifelong supply of pain medication, surgery, or just becoming another number of Americans who live in physical pain.

Dr. Ken demonstrating bed traction

Unfortunately that number is nearly 50 million. Yes, nearly 50 million American adults have significant chronic pain or severe pain, according to a 2015 study prepared by National Institutes of Health’s National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH). Clearly if that many people are in chronic state of pain something is amiss and you certainly can view the healthcare system and the staggering numbers of pain pills from over-the-counter to prescriptions that are being used.

"Comparing a doctor to a chiropractor, well it's like comparing a dentist to a chiropractor; they are two totally different things. Doctors are taught to treat a symptom; we address causes, which is the difference. We go to the spine, look where the segments are subluxated, clear it and then the brain heals the body if you are eating right and sleeping right. We treat subluxations and the body treats itself," stated Dr. Ken Gee Ehrlich D.C., a chiropractor in Los Angeles.

Dr. Ken explaining the spine

So the question is when should you see a chiropractor?

"If you have a spine, that is a good place to start. It is like teeth, when would you go to the dentist do you wait until it hurts or do you do some prevention? Everybody should see a chiropractor. Teeth are replaceable, but no one looks at our spinal column as important because you can't see it. If your spinal column is unhealthy, you are sick," Dr. Ehrlich stated.

Dr. Ken explaining the negative impact portable devices have on your neck

Chiropractic care is really about looking at a different way of healing. Why would anyone with a spine need to visit a chiropractor? Look at the abuse your body takes everyday. It doesn't have to be a car wreck to cause whiplash and it doesn't take a physically tasking manual labor job to cause your back to get tweaked. Your pain could come from something that happened to you years ago and never reared its ugly head until now. Sitting at a desk for eight hours sounds pretty painless, but that is not going to make your body happy. How about your cellphone? Having your head staring down at your phone all day is going to strain your neck at some point and then we have the wide range of sleeping habits. Those are just for starters, so in all likelihood you could use a visit to a chiropractor. If you have any doubts about the benefits of chiropractic care, just look at the world of professional athletics, they are huge proponents of this type of treatment to keep them performing at their peak.

When you truly look at your body, it is a work of art in terms of design and it runs like a machine with many moving parts. The problem is that if one moving part is not firing the way it should or if something is out of place, pain is on its way.

"Pain is our bodies alarm system telling us there is something wrong, so pretending it is not there is not a good fix," Dr. Ehrlich said.

While you might be in pain, don't let a misconception that a chiropractic adjustment hurts, because it doesn't. There clearly is a lot of science behind an adjustment, but you will likely hear some type of crack, but it won't be painful and it will not damage you in any possible way. That sound means you are being brought back to your proper state and brain can get back to having proper communication with your spine, which is great for you. Chiropractic care has no age limit, old or young, you will find infants all the way up to the eldest of seniors getting adjusted.

Finally, with Dr. Ehrlich, you are going to find that chiropractors go far beyond just adjusting your spine, they really want to adjust your life. You are going to get the appropriate stretches that will help you for life if you do them daily. Dietary and supplement needs to make sure the rest of your body is getting what it needs. Dr. Ehrlich also does monthly posture parties that while addressing ways to correct your posture; they also go into a number of tips to improve the quality of your life.

If you have been treated by a chiropractor before, you know how they can heal. If you don't, if you have your doubts, this is one of those times you have to look at healing in a different way. If you are tired of those nagging aches and pains or if you are tired of making the pharmacy a routine stop, then give chiropractic treatment a shot. A chiropractor might just change your life.

For more information visit The Good Chiropractor and for tips visit his You Tube channel.

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