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The Angelo David Salon Review - The Miracle on Madison Avenue

By Ellen Eichelbaum

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This particular review started as a personal journey for me and wound up being a true life-changing event. This article is about hair, losing it and finding the Angelo David Salon in New York City.

Angelo David

Angelo Pisacreta is more than the creator and owner of the Angelo David Salon.  I had the pleasure of speaking with him on the phone in an in-depth interview.  Angelo is a sensitive, dedicated, passionate, person who creates his magic at 420 Madison Ave. in New York, because he saw a need – a need that becomes more apparent as we age and continue to live in a world where the environment changes as quickly as the second hand on a clock.  In a world of many salons, the Angelo David Salon also happens to change your life.


Private room in salon

In the first part of a two-part series, I am focusing on Angelo and his Salon and his passion for those of us who have thinning hair and/or may be losing our hair.  In this first part, I am putting myself not only as the reviewer but the client.   If I hadn’t experienced the Salon and the miracle I call Lynette Gutierrez, I could not, in good faith, write the article as passionately as I am.


Just as a background story, I was always the one who received complements on my hair;  it was long, thick, naturally curly and I could do anything with it I chose to do.  Ponytails looked great, braids were a hit, and wearing it loose gave me all the confidence I needed to feel great about myself.  I struggled with weight, acne, stress and all the good stuff many of us deal with every day. But, my hair, it was the one thing I could always count on looking great.


Look at that gorgeous hair!

I aged and with it came the knee pain, the naps during the day and the 'getting old expectations' your body can go through.   The one thing I never, ever thought I would experience is hair thinning.   At first, I dealt with it not wanting to address it,  but it got to the pioint where I had no choice.  My hair was falling out when I washed it, when I combed it, and every time I left the bathroom sink, there was always new hair that had fallen out.


Me at consultation before

Thinning of my hair brought me to use a hair filler.  It's auburn-colored powder in a small shaker.  I shake it on the  'balding' spots and kept one dispenser in every purse and several in the car, just in case. Then, like a ton of bricks, there I was in front of the mirror after I washed my hair, there it was.  The top of my head became more scalp then it did hair. To complicate the hair loss on top was the thinning of the sides.  I now could never wear the styles I was used to. 


ME just 3 years ago. .Photo courtesy of Newsday

This picture was as recent as three years ago.


The color, style, blowout: Photo credit: Lynette Guiterrez

This picture is of me at Angelo David Salon just a few weeks ago during my consultation with Carlos:


At Angelo David, anyone can have the hair he or she always wanted—completely customized for volume, length, color and personal image. With 25 years in the business and as the home of Couture Hair™ Extensions, Wigs, Hair Pieces, Ponytails & Additions, Angelo David is a salon that can address any hair challenge with the finest and most innovative solutions in the world. The salon also offers professional makeup application by the in-house makeup artist, and manicures by the salon’s nail care expert.


 Angelo David Salon provides Couture Hair solutions that address any hair challenge you may have.  The customizations of Couture Hair Extentions, wigs, hair piees, ponytailss and addtions are 100 percent human hair.  At the salon each custom-made ouece us designed on-site to match each clients' hair, texture, type and color, as well as their lifestyle.


Duirng your initial evalutation which is complely held in a prIvate room with either Angelo or Carlos you will experience, what was, for me, a first-time event.


I decided to go into the salon sans make-up, grey hairs already grown in too long and a feeling of 'just getting it over with.'  I read about all the 'miracles' that salons and products do to 'get your hair grow,' but I felt different here.


Carlos is a senstive gentleman who consults with individuals like me all day, every day.  Yet, he treated me as if I was his very first consult.  He took the time to explain how hair loss happens, and that over 45% of women are at some point, getting thin or losing hair.  I felt better even knowing that.  Carlos said I was doing the right thing by using the fillers because that product does help cover up the bare spots.


What I didn't know, but found out hours later while I was in the Salon, getting the RIGHT haircut, the appropriate distribution of hair, as well as the best color and highlight, will and did bring miracles to me.


Look at that gorgeous hair!

I watched as Lynette told me to 'trust her' while she performed continuous changes, color, style, blowout (which was the first one I had in almost 30 years), highlight, gloss, style, and everything that goes with it.  When she finished and showed me the back I didn't believe for one moment that was me.  I still don't.  What she did, how she did it,  to me, is magic.  The Magic that is Angelo David Salon.


Side blowout: Photo courtesy of Lynette Guiterrez

Angelo let me in on a wonderful new Detox product that will be debuting soon.  It will contain all the ingredients needed for good physical heallth, mental health and for great nails and skin.  I can't wait to write part two and give our readers the inside scoop right from Angelo.


As a true post-note, after my husband saw and absolutely loved my hair (told me I was his 'Rita Hayworth) I thought, 'what if we move or go out of town?'  'You fly in to get your hair done', he said.  'I don't care what the cost is.'  'Look at you, you are amazing.'

What more can I say..just one last note,  this is not a wig or hairpiece. It's all me! 


  At the core of the salon are the most exceptional beauty specialists in New York City.




That's me, days after my miracle


Angelo David Salon

420 Madison Ave, 2nd Floor

New York City



Photos: Courtesy  Ellen Eichelbaum and Angelo David Pisacreta





Published on Jul 12, 2016

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