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Technique to get rid of cellulite and smooth fat away

By Donna Spangler

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Do you want to tighten skin and smooth problem areas reduce the appearance of cellulite, try VASAR SHAPE

Vasar Shape is a new technique that is used to tigthen skin and smooth problem areas of the body while also reducing cellulite.  I decided to try it because even though I am thin , I too have to deal with the dreaded cellulite. I was told to drink a liter of water before my visit. .  I arrived at Dr. Fodor's office in Century City greeted by a friendly staff and I was taken into a pleasant room where i had to disrobe but was provided a gown and a comfortable bed.  The nurse came in and instructed me to lie down.  She covered me up except for the problem areas that needed treatment. The nurse put oil on the area where a machine with a paddle was used to massage the areas for about 45 minnutes each.  It would get warm and sometimes hot but it was not painful for me.  After the treatment another machine was used to flush away the liquid fat so my body would excrete it.  My legs were red after the treatment and I noticed a significant improvement.
Vasar Shape can be used to treat abdomen, love handles, back arms,hips buttocks, thighs, knees and other areas. I saw results after two treatments. 

For more information you can contact Dr. Fodors office at 310 203-9818 www.peterfodormd.com 

Published on Jun 30, 2012

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