Special Ways to Bond With Your Baby

Pregnancy is one of the most intimate relationships you'll ever have in your life. Every move your baby makes will be felt and cherished, building up your love and anticipation for that moment when you finally see your baby's face. Many cultures have long believed that babies share an emotional connection with their mother, feeling her joys and experiencing her sadness. Now that research is beginning to support this idea, it's even more important to connect with that little soul resting just beneath your heart. If you have a growing bump and you're not quite sure how to bond with your little bundle, follow some of these tips for an extra-special nine months. 

Remember Unborn Babies Can Hear

From at least the 23rd week of gestation, a baby's hearing is developed just enough that they can respond to outside noises. Researchers have hypothesized that from the sixth month of pregnancy, the baby is influenced by what's happening outside of the womb. Some babies seem agitated by loud or aggressive noises like rock music, kicking and turning until it stops. You've long heard that babies are soothed by the sounds of classical music, and ultrasounds have shown babies drifting off to sleep with soothing sounds. While you don't need to put a pair of headphones over your belly to pump Beethoven to him or her, keep in mind that just talking quietly to your baby as you're going about your day can soothe your baby into a sweet sense of calm. 


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Communicate with Touch

You might think that having a baby in your uterus is as close to constant contact as you can get, but as a tactile human being, you're probably longing to pat and rub your baby. Your baby's main form of communication in utero is by kicking, nudging, and bumping you, so communicate with them the same way! If your baby is particularly active when you're sitting down to relax, this is the perfect opportunity to play with or comfort them. As you get bigger, you might notice the baby's bottom poking out from your belly. Give them some comforting pats on that little tush in rhythm with your heartbeat. Feeling your hand gently patting his or her bottom can instantly make them feel safe and connected you. If your baby is feeling playful, gently poke or nudge them back when you're getting elbows and knees in every corner of your belly. 

Attend Prenatal Yoga Classes

Yoga gives you a unique ability to connect with your body. A yoga class will get you out of your hectic life and focus on your body and your growing baby. A good prenatal yoga teacher will give you poses to help strengthen your body and ease any aches and pains while giving you the tools to drop stress and outward thoughts and just center your mind on your pregnancy. 


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Consider Having a Blessingway

A blessingway is an old tradition meant to bless the mother. Baby showers focus on the excitement of a new person coming into the world, and sometimes the mother herself can be left out. You're extremely important, too; after all, you're the one doing all the work to bring this sweet babe earthside! At your blessingway, you'll typically not get any gifts. Instead, you'll be surrounded by the women who are the most important in your day to day life. You can include special rituals to bless your pregnancy and your impending labor. Have the guests bring you beads with significant meanings and individual blessings to create a necklace you can get strength from during your labor. 

Have a 4D or 3D Ultrasound

Growing a baby is like Christmas morning--times 100. You've got the most amazing gift on the way but you have no idea what it's going look like! You can have 3D or 4D ultrasound scans done and get a glimpse of your little package. You can see their chubby cheeks, pudgy limbs, and even if they're going to be born with a head of fluffy hair. 


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The more bonding you do with your baby during your pregnancy, the easier your post-partum bonding will be. Interact with your baby and that moment your eyes meet will be so magical your heart might explode.

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