September is National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month - Break the Silence on the Cancer that Whispers

It’s Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month! Be a life saver and help others Take Early Action & Live®. Sixty percent of women diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer are already in Stage 3. Make sure friends know the signs & symptoms! Join the national chorus of voices that are sharing the truth about Ovarian Cancer.

The most effective weapon in the battle against Ovarian Cancer is early detection. And early detection requires awareness. It’s that simple… and that powerful. This year, 22,000 women will learn about Ovarian Cancer in the worst possible way.

Far too many women learn the truth about Ovarian Cancer after they have been diagnosed with the disease. It’s much too strong of an enemy to allow that much of a head start. We must stop it sooner, as the 22,000 women who will be diagnosed this year will tell you.

Greater awareness is step one. And that is what Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month is all about. Join with the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition and hundreds of thousands of women and men across America to Break the Silence on Ovarian Cancer.®

Improved research is step two. It will take innovative thinking, top researchers, and considerable funding. The NOCC is committed to conquering Ovarian Cancer through dynamic partnerships, and the best minds in science.

Will you help make this September the best month ever for Ovarian Cancer awareness? Take Early Action & Live® is much more than a slogan. It is the battle cry that defeats Ovarian Cancer.

You can help in an important and tangible way: by giving generously. The NOCC needs your help to equip its staff and thousands of volunteers to help people like you spread the word. They are all about Ovarian Cancer awareness, 365 days a year.

The goal for Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month is $22,000, $1 for every woman who will be diagnosed this year. Each dollar donated will multiply into awareness tools and messaging that will help save far more lives.

Thank you for doing what you can to help! We are grateful for you.

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