Self Rejuvenation - Visiting Your Inner Sanctuary


On a date with God,

Yes, we all know that the word “god” is very loaded. But for a moment I wish to 

invite you into a blank space. A new canvas, yet unwritten. 

So in this context right now, I’m NOT referring to a religious aspect at all. Not 

even the wildest association to a bearded man sitting, up on a cloud, judging 

everything we do. What I wish to shine the light on is the Generating, Organizing 

and Delivering force in the Universe. The G.O.D. Everything we experience is 

being generated, organized and delivered from somewhere. That force that 

is sustaining you, and everything else. That force that is making sure that 

everything in your body is functioning, which is the same force that is keeping 

all the planets spinning in their orbits. The atoms, molecules and into the tiniest 

particle in our existence. The force that created Your life and all that you experience.

Amethyst the Perfection of Nature


Now imagine yourself, for a moment, pressing pause. 

A pause from the mundane, a pause from the rush, the hectic, pumped up, 

up-beat tempo of your life. And now imagine yourself, actually taking that 

moment and going within, into yourself. It doesn’t have to be long, as time 

is local to the planet we’re living on, but long enough so for a moment you can 

close your eyes, and tap into your inner beauty. Your very own personal inner 

sanctuary. The place within you, where no one else can go. The place deep within 

yourself, that you created, yet never ceases to surprise you. That place where you 

rejuvenate. Collect bits and pieces of fragmented thoughts and by your inner 

knowing, place these pieces together to form the mosaic of your thought process 

and emotional understanding. In this place you gather your inner strength, you 

harvest your glory. And you can rest, in the suspension between each breath 

and trust the wisdom of your own human body to guide all of that juicy, creative, 

heat from the base of your spine. All the way up through your spine, through 

your compassionate heart, and all the way up into your cranium, to nourish 

and rejuvenate the hemispheres of your brain, so you can think, calculate and 

harness new thoughts and ideas. 

Integrating the beauty of Nature into our daily Life


And yes, you are now ready, to face another chapter of your life experience. For 

you have gone within and claimed your inner compass, guided by your steady 

heart beat. You are victorious. Because you are yourself. You are that force which 

is Generating, Organizing and Delivering. You deliver reality unto yourself. The 

deeper you breathe the more you become. 

Taking a moment


Of all the billions of people we share this earth with, there is only one like you. 

Only one unique personal imprint like you. Nobody could live life the way you 

choose to. It is all based on the singularity of life. No moment will ever be the 

same. Therefore –Thank yourself for being courageous, honest and authentic. 

Thanking yourself for allowing the heart to soften and open up to the magic of 

your inner sanctuary.



By Djamilla Sada Ram




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