Plug In With Mind-Body Awareness Teacher Rick Gutierrez

Unplugging from the distractions of the modern world and plugging into ones' inner self, Rick Gutierrez, founder of Integrative Tracking, shares with his clients a practice of mind-body awareness. His focus is listening to the body's promptings and balancing its energy flow to ease issues including weight gain, pain, emotional impact, stress, and anxiety.

More than thirty years ago Gutierrez, a promising pre-med student at UCLA, came to the realization that what we know as modern medicine seemed unable to acknowledge human “energy” and its flow. "We don't have a single word for the concept of life force, nor a good way of working with it. We don't really examine it too much. If there is such a thing as life force and we're not discussing it, that seems to be a problem because in the process we end up desensitized to our own inner experience and our own self-perceptive ability.”

To demonstrate life force energy, he conducts a simple exercise."Rub your hands together, and then separate them a few inches, feeling it pulsing back and forth. You can feel a sensation similar to pushing two positive ends of a magnet together.  The reason it's perceivable in your hands is because it stimulated the sense receptors in your palms.  You can feel your own life force!" 

He began exploring ways to perceive and work with the major energy pattern that circulates through our bodies, which he calls the "Grand Flow.”  Gutierrez says the Grand Flow "comes out of the top of your head like a fountain and rains down over the body.  The planet itself has this as well, the Aurora Borealis in the North is the planet’s energy flowing out its head."

His revolutionary Integrative Tracking method begins with exploring the "Grand Flow" and applying the theory that physical, emotional, and mental discomfort is the expression of an imbalance. A surplus of energy in one part results in a deficiency in energy somewhere else. Using a thorough question and answer process, Gutierrez helps clients to identify energy surpluses or deficiencies, then guides them through rebalancing their flow of energy. "If you have too much energy up high in your body, for example, the nerves that serve those muscles are going to be over-stimulated, signaling them to contract, which leads to teeth grinding, tension in neck and shoulders, etc."

"If there's too much energy here, there's not enough somewhere else. Integrative Tracking puts any symptom you're looking at into a greater context to understand that this symptom is part of something greater, part of a totality. When a person begins to tune in, the body starts to respond. The flow and the engagement of that flow are significant in how we experience ourselves." 

Accurately experiencing ourselves and being entirely present in the moment is key to a more harmonious flow. Gutierrez notes that many people ignore suffering, what he refers to as being outwardly focused but inwardly unaware, "'If I pay attention to what’s already here, it might hurt or be uncomfortable, so I won’t.' But then there is no longer a conversation. Your body has to try to do as well as it can in your absence. Many people realize they're sweeping something under the rug, and think 'I'll pick up the tab for this later.' However, over a period of a few sessions, a person can get a sense of how there is a conversation possible all the time, if we're able to turn on those speakers and listen in a way that doesn't distort the conversation."

"If you're not having a conversation with your own internet, you end up ignorant of your inner circuitry," he wisely advises.

Learn more about Rick Gutierrez' Integrative Tracking at

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