Reaching Out to Millennial Patients: Ideas on How to Market Your Dental Practice

If you want your practice to keep thriving, reaching out to the generations following the baby boomers is a must. One of your target demographics should be the generation born from the early 1980s to the early 2000s. Known as the millennial generation, there is some good news for you: those born during this time frame tend to take a more proactive approach to health and hygiene. That includes an keen interest in dental health. Combine that interest with the earning power of this generation and you have a fruitful market to pursue. Here are some suggestions on how to attract millennials and forge relationships that last for decades.


Employ the Latest in Flexible Payment Options


It’s true that millennials in general have a lot of earning and purchasing power. Even so, some of them are still in the process of working their way up the corporate ladder. In a generation filled with entrepreneurs, some of them don’t have the benefit of group dental coverage. By providing up to date options for payments, you stand to attract more attention.


Dental finance systems like definitely need to be among the choices you offer those patients. You benefit from being able to receive payment quickly and your patient enjoys the ability to lock in payment terms that fit easily into their budgets. Once the word gets around that you offer something above and beyond more traditional approaches, expect to see more millennials calling for appointments.


Create a Website That’s Mobile Friendly


Did you know that 97% of millennials have smartphones or at least tablets? Along with that factoid, think about this: most of their Internet browsing and searching for goods and services is done on a mobile device. That means you need to create a website for your practice that’s mobile friendly.


You can still keep your current website if you like. That will likely appeal to your patients who rely more heavily on desktop and laptop computers for searches, making appointments, and other tasks. It won’t take a lot to adapt your practice data for a mobile site that loads quickly, displays with ease, and is simple to navigate. That site will also make you more appealing to the millennial generation.


Make Use of Social Media


If you’ve been putting off establishing a presence on social media sites, now is the time to stop procrastinating. You’ll be surprised how many millennials utilize sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram for communication. While you’re at it, a presence on LinkedIn won’t hurt either. Having profiles on all these sites and making sure something is posted to them at least once a week makes it a lot easier to reach out to millennials and have them respond favorably.


Remember to make your posts relevant and interesting. Millennials don’t like wasting their time on the same old tired content. Be creative and come up with posts that will appeal to them. You are sure to get plenty of positive comments and build relationships.


Along with establishing a presence, make use of any advertising feature found on each of those sites. The ad reach is targeted so you can connect with potential patients who are in your area. You may be surprised at how quickly you begin to attract new patients with the right ad.


While millennials share many traits with past generations, they do have their own way of approaching decisions like which dental professional to see. Draw on the fact they are technologically savvy and used to finding what they need online. Pair that with a payment method that allows them to still keep up with their student loans and you have an excellent chance of building a clientele who will be around for quite a few years.

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