Rau Chocolate Superfood Drink - Enjoy All of the Health Benefits and Flavor of Chocolate

The trend of healthy and fresh started with farm-to-table at restaurants and that has now made its way to the bottle form with bean-to-bottle from the chocolatey and healthy Rau. Rau brings the health benefits of the cacao beans and put them into an amazing cold pressured superfood drink.

Rau brings together the greatness of cacao beans and spices that are organically farmed and packed with vital nutrients and it is kept naked. This means no refined sugar, dairy, GMO’s, soy or anything artificial. Rau has a label that has very few ingredients and you will know each and every one as well as you will be able to pronounce them.

The issue at times with cacao at times is that it can be a little bitter or won't come across as the typical chocolate flavor that we are used to. For good reason, it isn't. The cacao bean in the form that Rau uses is how nature intended chocolate to be consumed before candy companies literally destroy all of the goodness in it. Rau manages to keep that goodness in the cacao while also creating beverages that taste great. You will find the original, semi-sweet, the cold brew mocha, mint, coconut and salted caramel.

Rau at Expo West

The mint flavor is simply fantastic, if you can imagine liquefying an Andies Candies or a Thin Mint cookie, this is pretty close to what you will experience. You get a powerful mint flavor from the organic mint leaf and then a great combination of vanilla extract and monk fruit extract to give it just enough sweetness. If you must have your morning coffee, the cold brew mocha gives you that great coffee flavor as well as many other health benefits along with 60 to 80 mg of caffeine per bottle. So skip the overpriced Starbucks and grab a Rau in the morning, your body will love it.

There are plenty of healthy and not so healthy drinks out there to try, but few give you the best of both worlds. Rau is one beverage that will give health benefits galore while also letting you enjoy the flavor in each sip.

For more information visit: Rau

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