PACt Cranberry Extract Water – Ocean Spray Infuses the Power of Cranberry into Water

Ten years to create a flavored water sounds like a long time, and it is. But to figure out how to pack the power of 50 cranberries into a bottle of water, keep it at ten calories and make it taste great is a pretty daunting task. It was a long wait, but well worth it as PACt Cranberry Extract Water lives up to that bill of goods as it is having its coming out party in Los Angeles before it takes the rest of the country.

PACt Water

“With the Launch of PACt Cranberry Extract Water, we’ve created an even better water that harnesses the unique power of the cranberry through a breakthrough cranberry extract innovation, 10 years in the making.  PACt water contains the cleansing and purifying benefits of the cranberry without all the sugar and calories,” Ken Romanzi, Chief Operating Officer of Ocean Spray, stated.

Maria Menounos attends #EvenBetter Beach Bash presented by Ocean Spray on Thurs., Oct. 23, 2014, in Hermosa Beach (Photo by Casey Roders/Invision for Ocean Spray/AP Images)

“I was actually a little skeptical at first because I am a big fan of just water, but I tasted it and I loved it and then I talked to the scientists and saw what they put behind it I felt really good about endorsing it and the fact that there are fifty cranberries in each bottle and it is healthy, cleansing and detoxifying that is something we all want,” Maria Menounos said.

To help introduce the west coast to PACt, Maria, E! Entertainment TV host, hosted the even better beach party on Hermosa Beach on Thursday, October 23rd. Maria, along with other health and fitness experts, shared tips on hydration as well as ways to build healthier lifestyles. There were great fitness classes for people to participate right on the beach throughout the day and Frances Largeman-Roth, RD gave a discussion on “Eating in Color.”

Maria Menounos participates in a Pilates class at #EvenBetter Beach Bash presented by Ocean Spray Photo by Casey Roders/Invision for Ocean Spray/AP Images)

“We are all comparing ourselves to each other and we shouldn’t be, the reality is that I am the every girl. I love forty pounds on my own and I did it the smart, slow, healthy way. I made little changes that were completely doable and it adds up. What I wrote in my book is aim for 75/25, so 75% of the time eat as healthy and clean as you can and the other 25% you can play a little,” Maria said.

The PAC in PACt stands for proanthocyanidins, which is much easier to drink than say and thanks to Ocean Spray it is now very easy to drink. Each 16 ounce bottle of PACt contains all the goodness of 50 cranberries, which means you are getting 80 milligrams of proanthocyanidins. The PAC is a natural element of the cranberry that Ocean Spray was able to extract and deliver it to you in the form of the PACt water. The PAC will purify the body by allowing certain harmful bacteria to be flushed away naturally, so while hydrating you with a great flavorful water, the health benefits are beyond what you will find in any other flavored water on your store shelf.

Maria Menounos holds the power of the cranberry at #EvenBetter Beach Bash presented by Ocean Spray (Photo by Casey Roders/Invision for Ocean Spray/AP Images)

PACt comes in four flavors; Cranberry Pomegranate, Cranberry Raspberry, Cranberry Blood Orange and Cranberry Mango-Passion Fruit and each bottle contains only 10 calories and a flavor that gives you a taste sensation that goes far above 10 calories. The other part you are going to love about PACt, other than the fact that they were genius enough to use a flavor as wonderful as blood orange, is that the label contains only ingredients and words that you will know. What you get is what you see and the red is simply from the cranberry itself, there is no artificial coloring.

PACt at Hermosa Beach

For more information visit PACt

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