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Jumpstart your New Year with a Cleanse – the ORIGINAL 21 DAY CLEANSE as created by Dr. Drew Francis of the Golden Cabinet Medical Center - an enlightened, modern-day apothecary discreetly tucked away on Sawtelle Blvd. in Los Angeles

Believe me, your eyes will sparkle like jewels once you make it through this 21 Day Cleanse.  This just might be YOUR much-needed New Year's Resolution!

So ...  Detox your body … Detox your mind ...

... as you explore and discover this treasure-trove of health.

Golden Cabinet: modern day apothercary In Los Angeles

Why Cleanse, you say?  That’s so LA, you say?  Not so, I say! Detoxification Cleanses have been around since the beginning of time and often are part of Eastern cultures, rituals & lifestyles. After all, you Spring Clean your house, tune up your car - what about your body?  You take tremendous care with your external appearance, but how about your internal self?

Many people Cleanse to lose weight, some perhaps are recovering from illness and are prescribed by a doctor to do so.  What if, instead, you choose to look at it as a preventive measure or an internal Spring Clean or tune-up for your internal engine?  Sound good? 

What if I told you that you’ll look and feel the best you’ve looked and felt in a long, long time?  Your skin will glow, your eyes will sparkle and you’ll have a little skip in your step – because your body will be sooo happy!  Your friends will comment on how great you look, that your aura is lighter, which will make you smile more - and that in turn will create an internal shift.

That’s the least you can expect after 21 days …

Dr. R. Drew Francis - The Father of the original 21 Day Cleanse

Ready to Start? Now, how do you begin?  What does it entail?  Will you starve?  Is it hard?  You will have many questions …

That’s why you should choose Golden Cabinet Medical Center and

Dr. Drew Francis, O.M.D., L.Ac., who has over twenty-five years of experience integrating both Eastern and Western medicines.

It’s your own personal apothecary – NOT - an impersonal mail order Cleanse that you buy online, nor a book you read for recipes to follow … no matter where you live, you can have direct contact with Dr. Drew and his staff via the phone or SkypeThe Golden Cabinet team are right there to answer your questions, your need for more recipes and motivation to keep you going … as if they personally lived next door.

Your enlightened & caring team: Kiana, Katica & Bridget

What does it entail? … it’s simple, really … you make two shakes a day (that contain protein, fiber and nutrients), take some supplements (to aid in detoxification and digestion), and then prepare one meal a day (from an easy-to-follow list of foods), plus snacks … so trust me, you won’t starve, you might even eat more than you normally do!

Katica, the Cleanse Coach is overflowing with recipes to help you navigate your journey, making it pleasantly delicious and illuminating.   Encouraging you to experiment with different foods - foods that energize you, foods that are good for your body, and foods that taste good … at the end of the 21 days you’ll emerge not only more knowledgeable but having incorporated some new healthy eating habits into your lifestyle.  It’s really just a matter of learning new habits and acquiring new tastes … that’s why the 21 days, because it takes that time to reset your habits.

Dr. Drew suggests you “Eat like a King / Queen for Breakfast, a Prince / Princess for Lunch, and a Pauper for Dinner”.  That is ideal, but you can have your meal whenever it best suits your own schedule - as long as you follow the modified elimination diet.  That’s what’s so functional about this Cleanse.  It’s not a juice-only cleanse.  You can realistically incorporate this one into your busy lifestyle, doing it on your terms.

Photographs by Kaylan Libby @ edit.Photography Lifestyle-friendly Cleanse

OK … so here’s the challenge … you will be abstaining from:

Caffeine, Alcohol, Sugar, Dairy, Gluten, Yeast and certain animal products.

So, what is your weakness?  Sugar? Coffee? Wine? Bread? Potatoes? Beef? All of the above!?  Well … no matter what it is, you will have withdrawals.  Probably only for a few days, until your body resets, and it dawns on you that you can do without whatever it is you thought you could not do without!  The first few days might be a little bumpy but as you start to see visible results of your hard work you will automatically want to keep going.  And best of all, after your body adjusts, you will notice a positive change in your mood. 

Yes, eating right does affect your mood and attitude.

I know you are going to LOVE the results of this energizing, uplifting & lifestyle-changing Cleanse - You'll want to do it again and again until it just becomes a part of your life - your healthy, long life :)  

Now, what a great way to start 2013!

Golden Cabinet Medical Center is located at:

2019 Sawtelle Blvd.  

West Los Angeles, CA 90025

For an appointment call: 310. 575. 1955


Your trusted friend,


Charlotte Pehnmore


P. S.  If you want to get squeaky clean inside, might I suggest Colon Hydrotherapy?   Most people feel uncomfortable discussing this, so all I will say is – IF it’s for you, I would highly recommend none other than – Lianne Ramelb of Balance by Ka Maluhia.  This pristine boutique spa in Beverly Hills coupled with Lianne’s warm maternal personality will make you feel so comfortable that you will be totally at ease during your sessions.


P. P. S. There often is a wait to see Dr. Drew Francis, so tell Bridget, the office manager, that you know me, and she might be able to squeeze you in sooner :)  

DR. DREW CAN CUSTOMIZE YOUR CLEANSE - FOR YOUR PERSONAL LIFESTYLE! ... perhaps for 21 days ... maybe 10 days or less ... Knowledge is good!  

Just call:  310. 575. 1955


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