Narconon Freedom Center - 5 Tips to Avoid Relapse During the Holidays


Narconon Freedom Center Michigan is offering 5 useful tips for those who are in recovery to avoid falling back into old habits during the holiday seasons.

During the times of these hectic festivities, it may be overwhelming balancing the checkbook and making the time to attend parties and gatherings, but with the help of Narconon Freedom Center helping to steer clear of old tendencies, it can be much easier.


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With added stress and pressure during these holidays it may take a simple trigger to revert to an old lifestyle many try so hard to overcome, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel and addiction can go away for good.

"We at Narconon believe people can completely recover from addiction and go on to live happy, productive and drug-free lives. Part of the program provides life skills courses and training that help the individual locate their triggers and learn how to successfully deal with them before they leave the program. Another part of the program called Narconon New Life Detoxification helps rid the body of drugs and toxins that are stored in the fast tissue which, when eliminated, help reduce cravings," says John Walser, Senior Intake Counselor, Narconon Freedom Center.


Photos by Narconon Freedom Center.


The following tips are for those who have completed the program to get help during the holidays.

1. Stay alert. Getting sufficient sleep, eating right (don’t forget those holiday treats) and always remembering to take deep breathes when feeling stressed are key to getting by. 

2. Say no to pressure. It’s alright to turn down those holiday gatherings where drugs and alcohol will be present. Instead look for other activities such as going for a walk, watching a movie or playing a game.

3. Make your own drinks. There are alternatives to cocktails by using light colored sodas or fresh fruit juices to fill those empty glasses. After all spending time together is what really counts.

If attending someone else’s party, go ahead and ask the host ahead of time to provide an alternative to the wine and champagne. Sparkling cide, ginger ale or cranberry juice should suffice.

4. Buddy up.  When attending holiday events it’s a good idea to have someone around who fully understands the given situation.  

5. Educate the family. Ask family members to be supportive by providing non-alcoholic beverages at events.


Photos by Narconon Freedom Center.


For further assistance for those struggling with addictions to get safely through the holidays, call an Intake Counselor toll free 877-362-9682 or visit the offical Narconon Freedom Center website here


Photos by Narconon Freedom Center.


All calls are free of charge and confidential. Narconon Freedom Center is a non-profit facility with 47 years of experience providing exceptional assitance for those in recovery. 

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