MYOBuddy Pro Massager Review – The Ultimate Massage Buddy

Every serious athlete or person that takes exercise seriously, or experiences body pain, aches, or stress, should consider the MYOBuddy Pro Massager. Your wellness “buddy” can assist you with everything, as it has assisted me, from warming massage (extinguishing pain, releasing general stiffness, and relieving tension and anxiety, deep tissue massage (trigger points, tight muscles, and tight fascia), and circulatory massage (increases circulation, neuralagia and numbness, pre-workout warmup, and post-workout treatment).



MYOBuddy Pro Massager


The MYOBuddy Pro can bring you wellness in seconds guaranteed. The device is used by professionals including massage therapists, athletics trainer, chiropractors, coaches, athletes, fitness instructors, physical therapists, and physicians. It is ideal for parents, kids in sports, people with chronic pain or stiff/tight muscles, extremely hard workers, aging bodies, and people with good wellness habits. MYOBuddy Pro can help with body recovery after exercise, mobility, circulation, fitness, relaxation, and massage. Use in harmony with massage therapy, personal training, physical therapy, yoga, chiropractic care, exercise routine, facial therapy, relaxation/spa, or home, work, gym life, sport, or leisure life.


The package contents include one MYOBuddy Pro Massager, one white dry-brushing bonnet (for massages over clothing), one blue lotion bonnet (for aromatherapy massage on skin), and one user manual. The massager offers a variable speed switch (V1- Percussion Mode, V2- Massage Mode, V3-Friction Mode), which you can adjust depending on your individual body needs. The user-friendly grip allows for easy personal treatment of every area of the body. It also includes an eight-foot long cord.



white dry-brushing bonnet (for massages over clothing)




blue lotion bonnet (for aromatherapy massage on skin)


The MYOBuddy Pro Massager is unlike any personal-care massage device I have ever experienced. It was exactly like my own personal massage therapist in the privacy of my own home with unlimited service! I live a very active, healthy lifestyle. I am a vegetarian and enjoy running, strength training, yoga, and biking. I get a massage once a month, but it never seems to be enough to relieve muscle pain, tension, and overall stress. I also work at a school and type at the computer often. This device has helped me tremendously in between monthly massages.



MYOBuddy Pro Massager


I am a huge fan of how user-friendly the massage is, as well as how versatile the application bonnets and various speeds are. You can accommodate it to your level of pain, stress, discomfort, and much more. I have been using the MYOBuddy after a long, stressful day at work, or after I go for a long run or do an intense strength training session. The massager melts away tension, stress, soreness, and stiffness in my muscles very quickly. I use it especially on my legs, calves, feet, arms and neck. The robust pressure of the disks also very powerful and helped soothe sore muscles and joints. However, the one disadvantage is that I find it rather difficult to use it on my back. I recommend having a partner assist with the back! In addition, the massager at times feels bulky if not held correctly.


Overall, I had a great experience with the MYOBuddy Pro Massager. I am a convert now for non-human massage and can guarantee that you will benefit from it as well if you purchase this device-you will not regret it!




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For more information on the MYOBuddy Pro Massager, please visit the website, email [email protected] , or call sales at 844-Myo-Buddy (696-2833).

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