Moondream Soundproof Curtain Review – Transform your Home into a Sanctuary



If I had an indulgence of any form … I would have to admit that my greatest extravagance is the soothing embrace of a peaceful atmosphere.


Peace and quiet are a real treat to me. They're the icing and the cake, the strawberries AND the cream! Well I may be getting carried away with delectable superlatives. But the truth is, I have come to understand the great value that a sanctuary offers. Besides a wonderful sense of calm, it grants the opportunity to retire into deep states of rest, drawing on inward reserves of strength.


We live in a day and age, where we are pursued by stimuli of every form. Media, advertisments, phone and social media alerts, all leads us to operate in a state of high alert. Because of this excessive sensory lifestyle, peace and quiet have raised their stakes as an invaluable commodity.


Just like a computer, the human mind needs to shut down and reset regularly in order to be at it’s best. Rest is essential to productivity.


While hopping on a jet to an exotic beach or remote mountain top every weekend isn’t an option for most people, there are ways to create that sanctuary exactly where you are.



I am a big proponent of designing one’s home as one’s sanctuary.  Every man needs his castle, and so does every woman, her personal paradise.

It was a turn of events in my own life that caused me to explore this subject more deeply. You see, I had recently moved into a home that had extremely noisy surroundings. I would step out onto the patio and then run back in. The noise levels were aggravating to say the least.

While the interior noise was a little more manageable, the sounds of external machinery remained audible. And the consistent drone, increases it’s aggravation.

I found that I just could not relax. Neither was I able to focus. It was nothing short of a nightmare! I realized then that my environment had a tremendous impact on my efficiency and productivity.

In desperation, I did my research on the various means that I could ‘encapsulate’ my new home to cut down on the surrounding distractions.

I found options such as soundproof acoustic glass windows and soundproof doors. Their results were impressive however so was their cost!

Given that I was merely renting an apartment for a limited time, this was certainly NOT a viable option for me.



Still I was desperate for a solution and my search continued. Lo and behold, through utter grace, I stumbled across the MOONDREAM company that is also known as The Quiet Company!

They have revolutionized soundproof curtains. From what I learned, MOONDREAM curtains are smart solutions that protect from the disturbances of everyday life: light, heat, cold, noise. For over a decade the MOONDREAM company has created drapes that blend technology and comfort: blackout curtains, thermal curtains, soundproof curtains, and more.

Originating from France, their products are sold online all around Europe and in the USA. They’re also conveniently available on Amazon.

I was blown away by my discovery! The name MOONDREAM alone allured me. Though it was it’s mission statement of providing technology with comfort that truly caught my eye.



Here is an extract taken from the MOONDREAM website.

Moondream noise reducing curtains contain innovative technology designed to absorb maximum volumes of sound to ensure undisturbed rest and relaxation in your home. Capable of reducing the infiltration of external noise through a glazed window by up to 7 decibels, these acoustic curtains will transform your room into a cocoon.

Easily adaptable to suit any lifestyle needs, Moondream soundproof curtains carry the Moondream blackout promise and give you the freedom to adjust light as you wish. The addition thermal layer is an innovative solution to maintaining an ideal room temperature all year round. Capable of preventing heat loss during winter and repelling sun radiation during summer, these drapes can also reduce household energy consumption and heating bills.

Acoustic curtains that transform a room into a cocoon?

I jumped in my seat, and wasted no time getting in touch with the MOONDREAM company.

I was pleased to be connected with their sales manager, Michele Bendelac who is based in the US. Michele charmed me with her engaging presence and widespread knowledge on the topic of acoustics and noise cancellation. Not to mention her French accent which always adds a certain flair to any conversation!

Michele educated me on the background of the MOONDREAM company. The company’s bio relays that, “Charles Brunswick, fourth generation CEO, is the driving force behind the strategy that made Moondream the French and European leader in the technical curtains market. With a mantra of innovation, Charles steered Moondream head and shoulders above the competition. The next frontier? To make a name for the group worldwide.”



What I was soon to appreciate about their company is that they deliver technological know-how delivered in an excellent, high-end product.


MOONDREAM’s Research & Development team is dedicated to studying the various possible uses of fabric in harsh conditions. Their aim: to discover new domestic comfort solutions.


MOONDREAM   shares that “the advent of nanotechnologies has also made it possible to use new fibers to create intelligent fabrics. Designed to adapt to different environmental conditions, they now have the capacity to become biosensors, thermal regulators, antibacterial, hydrophilic, and therapeutic. These fabrics are so technologically advanced they can even communicate, register physical reactions, provide GPS tracking, and change color based on mood!
What's more, these new fabrics have become much more environmentally friendly in both their design and use. They allow us to actualize comfortable living in a way beneficial to both the planet and ourselves due to their propensity to minimize energy consumption.”

 Their patented technology is not just ingenious but is beautifully designed as well.

I was struck by the terms Michele used. She described how their technology aims to reduce the aggression that we are faced with in our environment. And I fully agree. I was seeing first hand in my personal experience, that excessive stimuli can indeed feel aggressive.

Michele spoke about the various sensory stimuli that comes at us through channels of sound, temperature and light. And MOONDREAM soundproof curtains address each of these issues.



Michele explained that whilst the curtains are called soundproof, their effectivesness is also dependant on the room/space in question.

For example, you would have to consider the architecture of your home. Buildings in San Francisco tend to be built with flexible, adaptive architecture catering to potential earthquakes. This means that the walls tend to be less effective blocking sound. In this case, sound is not just travelling through windows but through the walls as well.



In a situation such as this, you will not get a strong soundproofing effect from the curtains, because the walls have to be addressed in addition to windows.

Nonetheless, wherever you live MOONDREAM soundproof curtains will lend an impact. They are also referred to as sound adsorptive curtains. I feel this is a more accurate term. They are able to effectively muffle and reduce atmospheric noises by up to 7 decibels.

So while they won’t cut out ALL noise, they will help deliver a reduction in noise.



If you’re in an extreme situation with high levels of noise, then you may want to consider the following when installing your MOONDREAM Soundproof Curtains.



MOONDREAM  includes double sided tape with ther soundproof curtains. Using this double sided tape along the side of the curtains will help “ trap” sound and prevent it from filtering in.



For each window in my home, I used 2 curtain panels. These curtain panels are very thick and I found that the external sound was reduced a little. A thought came to me that it may be helpful for those dealing with extreme situations, to use 4 curtain panels per window rather than just the standard 2 panels.



Heed this advice - Choose the longest curtain you can get!

The Soundproof Curtain works by buffering and absorbing sound. The more area it covers, the more sound its able to absorb. Don’t selecy a curtain by simply measuring your window. You want to get the longest size possible to cover as much area as possible. This will give you the best effect.

Consider the aesthetic effect. Tall curtains that hang from ceiling to the ground provide a very elegant effect and add length to the walls.

This is one aspect I wish I had understood better. I did choose one of the longer curtain choices, and at 95 inches long it spanned passed my window. However in hindsight, I would have chosen the 108 inch long curtains.

With regards to the Room Divider Curtains, I would definitely choose the longest curtains available. Most Room Divider Curtain rods hang from the ceiling and so require the extra length.



MOONDREAM  Room Divider curtains are extremely thick. They have 4 layers as opposed to 3 layers. You can in effect create a whole new room just by putting up a ceiling rod that will carry the length of these voluminous curtains. Be sure to get a good quality rod to hold them up because these curtains are heavy.

MOONDREAM Room Divider curtains not only provide privacy but cut down on sound as well!

You’re not going to find this with regular room divider curtains. MOONDREAM has the technology to deliver the extra mile here. And I certainly can attest to this.


Note: You may even choose to use the Room Divider curtains as your window panels due to the fact that they carry an extra layer. You will experience an even better sound absorptive effect.


5)        INSTALLATION –

Installing room divider rods and curtains can be a little challenging if you’re a beginner with home improvement projects. I would suggest buying a high quality studfinder in order to locate a stud in order to anchor the rod securely into your ceiling.

The room divider curtains are quite heavy due to their multiple layers and need to be installed correctly.



Thinking of creating a home studio? MOONDREAM Soundproof Curtains are great for use in studios. Install them liberally, to assist in absorbing noise and delivering a purer sound.


7)        THIN WALLS -

If you are dealing with thin walls, then an option is to lace curtains across the entire wall, rather than simply across the window.

Consider using the room divider curtains across the entire wall, as well as using double sided tape alongst the curtain’s edges to further trap sound.



f you’re going to be keeping your curtains closed most of the time, then I would recommend choosing a light color. Dark curtains, make a room look dark and small. I opted for the SNOW WHITE color as I wanted to keep my rooms looking spacious and open, even whilst the curtains were closed during the day.

If you're going for a modern crisp look, the Snow White, Stone or Beige colors offer elegant options.



This is a great option for those who have already invested in and absolutely love their fabulous designer curtains.
Yes you can keep your curtains and still have some of the benefits MOONDREAM delivers.
MOONDREAM offers the option of adding a liner to existing curtains.
This liner comes with velcro tape that easily attaches the lining onto curtain fabric. This quick alteration immediately creates a layer of insulation to the curtains you already have.

The lining works like a survival blanket. In the summers, it blocks out infrared heat and keeps interiors cool. While in the winters, it reduces heat loss from within, keeping the interior warm and toasty.

Because the MOONDREAM liner is very reasonably priced, it's also a good option for those working within a budget.




So let’s look more deeply into the technology behind MOONDREAM Soundproof Curtains.




Each soundproof curtain is made with 3 layers.

And each layer addresses a separate issues.

-      SOUND

-      THERMAL

-      LIGHT




Their patented technology insulates the room from unwanted noise. Expect a reduction of up to 7db.

As I’ve discussed, rather than extensive construction costs, acoustic curtains are an affordable and mobile means to deliver a certain level of soundproofing.

Remember, it’s not going to cancel out noise completely.

But it does help reduce it.

*Refer to the tips that I shared earlier, for the best noise reduction results.





The curtain’s thermal effect is what allows the temperature of the home to remain regulated. This translates to reduced energy.


In the short span of time that we had these curtains, my husband was impressed by the energy costs in terms of our air-conditioning. Living in the South, our summers can be extreme. Air-conditioning systems work zealously to counter this. However, after installing MOONDREAM curtains, we found that our ac didn’t need to work quite as hard yet the entire home remained cool. We're already saving on our electricity bills.

That was a nice bonus!





This turned out to be one of the greatest benefits that I received from MOONDREAM curtains. And it came as an unexpected bonus.


After installing my Soundproof Curtains, I found that our bedrooms were now transformed into the cocoon that MOONDREAM promised in it’s brochure.


Utter darkness is what I now sink into every night. There is nothing quite like plunging into a velvet black night. It has truly changed the quality of my sleep. A completely dark room is no longer a luxury for me, it's become a necessity.


After reaping the benefits of sleeping in true darkness, I was compelled to research it more deeply.



I was not surprised to discover that various scientific studies confirm that sleeping in darkness does wonders for our health.

The body has an internal clock or rhythm (known as the circadian clock) that it abides by. And this rhythm is maintained by various factors including external cues called Zeitgebers.


The circadian clock checks its accuracy each day using these external Zeitgebers, principally the light-dark cycle.And an accurate internal circadian clock results in an optimal body and mind.


Consider the most natural environment. Prior to the advent of civilization, nightfall would have both the land and it’s people shrouded in near darkness (save for the minimal glow of the moon).



The rich darkness of the night signals the body to naturally synchronize itself to the Earth’s 24 hour cycle. It’s like pressing a ‘reset’ button on a daily basis. In fact the origins of the word 'circadian’ derive from the Latin words meaning 'about a day.'


The benefits that come from a well-set circadian rhythm are abundant!


Firstly, sleeping in darkness helps produce the naturally occurring hormone, melatonin in our body. It’s powerful antioxidant hormone produced by the pineal gland that delivers a good quality sleep.


Melatonin NEEDS darkness.  Without a blanket of darkness, your body won’t produce the levels of melatonin it requires. The result is a sense of restlessness or sleepless nights.



It is melatonin that is responsible for causing drowsiness and lowering body temperature as well as cortisol.

Cortisol is produced in the adrenal gland, and is used to form blood sugar and enable anti-stress and anti-inflammatory functions in the body. While it is useful during the day when we are alert and active, it’s not ideal at night.


In order to enjoy the restorative effects of deep rest, these cortisol levels must drop during the night. But melatonin and cortisol are almost entirely dependant on the circadian clock.


Then there is growth hormone, that is essential to the repair and restoration processes of the body. Growth hormone is secreted particularly during deep non-REM sleep.


Other hormones such as testosterone are also released in deep sleep.



Let's wrap this up in a nutshell

Sleeping in a dark room at night properly resets circadian rhythms.

A well-set circadian rhythm delivers deep sleep.

This deep sleep or state of ‘rest’ results in the body functioning at it’s very best.

When this happens, the body produces valuable hormones and chemicals that it needs.


Here is an extract from an article on the website HOWSLEEPWORKS.

The article is titled ‘Circadian rhythms – How sleep works.'

“The light-dark cycle resynchronizes the body’s biological rhythms, and prevents small timing errors from accumulating. Without this important check, the circadian system can become seriously unbalanced. For example, the much dimmer illumination of artificial lights is not usually sufficient to trigger this reset of the circadian clock, which is why night shift workers never really fully adapt to their unnatural sleep.

It has been shown that simply increasing day-time lighting intensity in workplaces and care homes for the elderly can significantly improve their sleep regimes, reduce cognitive decline and improve mood disorders.”



I would conclude this article by surmising that designing a living space that has minimal stimuli will certainly transform the quality of your life.

It affects one’s health, one’s ability to focus and even the individual’s emotional state.

MOONDREAM Soundproof Curtains do a lot more than just muffle noise, they create luxurious sanctuaries. They enhance the quality of one's life.

And that’s what makes them a game changer.








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